Heater Replacement Harmony

Heater Replacement Harmony

Stephan Home Comfort, the name that springs to mind when speaking of heating and cooling equipment in the Orange Country and surrounding areas. A reputation built on trust and honesty and all round great service.

Why Choose Us

At Stephan Home Comfort, our service is unmatched by our competitors. Family ethics and personal attention to detail is what sets us apart from the rest.

Our staff are carefully selected to become part of our Stephan’s family. Our staff are all competent in their trade, qualified, experienced, and dedicated to providing the level of service we expect for our customers. Dedication to servicing the community in the best possible way is something that holds great merit with us.

We care for the community and the future. Our environmentally friendly products will ensure that our children and those who come after, will have a wonderful world to live in. Our products make it easy for us to provide indoor air that is superior and offer your family the healthiest option around.

Our service is impeccable and can’t be faulted. Nothing short of excellent. Helpful technicians who provide a wealth of advice and supply a variety of options for your scenario in order to make the decision-making process that much easier. We mold our packages to suit your pocket which is a necessity in this time of economic discord.

Everyone deserves comfort, hold on, help is at hand.


We are the professionals, qualified, and skilled in our trade.   We service customers in the residential and commercial sectors and provide services which include installations, repairs, and maintenance for all heating and cooling-related equipment.

Yes, installations are paramount to how your system functions but maintenance is equally important, if not then more so. Ensuring your equipment is maintained routinely will keep it functioning in the manner expected and prolong the life of the equipment. These systems are expensive and in order to protect your own investment, maintain regularly.

There are times when heaters do give up the ghost through neglecting to maintain them properly and in other instances, the system has simply become old and outdated. We supply heater replacement Orange County, CA. We will replace your old heater with a newer, more cost-efficient unit and it won’t cost you the price of a new installation.

Keep up with the trends and developments and allow one of our technicians to evaluate the efficiency of your old system and make recommendations. Changing your system could save you money over time with the reduction of your electric bill due to more efficient functioning.

Call Stephan Home Comfort and give us an opportunity to save your hard-earned money. Stephan Home Comfort (714) 894-6500.