Commercial Refrigeration Installations Service

Commercial Refrigeration Installations Service

Commercial refrigeration systems and consumer fridges are exactly the same except for their size. Commercial refrigerators are large scale. For instance, milk processors have commercial refrigerators used to preserve raw milk delivered by farmers or collected from farms. Butcheries and meat processing plants also have large scale refrigeration systems to preserve both raw materials and finished products. In the food processing industry, commercial fridges are used either in the manufacturing process or storage of raw materials and the end products. In hospitals, large-scale refrigerators are used to preserve bodies and organs. While there are many cooling companies in any given city, the number of firms that can handle commercial refrigeration systems is quite low.

Finding the Best Commercial Refrigeration installations Service

Identifying the best commercial refrigeration installation service can be a challenge since every firm claims to be the best. Fortunately, you won’t have to look any further than Stephan’s Home Comfort Services. The company has made a name for itself in the commercial refrigeration industry. Some of the most common types of refrigeration systems the company deals in include: walk-in coolers, reach-in freezers, walk-in freezers, reach-in coolers, ice machines and worktable coolers among others.

Stephan’s Home Comfort Services has highly qualified cooling specialists who can design and install any type of commercial cooler or freezer. The company is family-owned and has a great track record with commercial clients. The firm is accredited by the BBB and has an A+ rating, which means previous clients only have great things to say about the firm, so you can expect to get the highest quality service.

Stephan’s Home Comfort Services also offers emergency repair services. They understand that every passing minute comes with huge losses as some of your goods will go bad. That’s why they offer an emergency repair service 24/7/365. Since your commercial freezer or cooler will need to be serviced on a regular basis after installation, you can count on Stephan’s Home Comfort Services to service your system as needed.