4 Common AC Mistakes That You Should Avoid

4 Common AC Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Air Conditioners are a very important part of a person’s house. However, just like any other equipment, ACs too can fail and cause you a lot of trouble. With the rising temperatures, it is very important to take good care of your AC to keep working well, and you do not end up searching for “air conditioning installation near me”!

Air Conditioning Mistakes to be Avoided

Below are some of the mistakes conducted by people most frequently that lead to the failure of your AC. 

  • Neglecting Regular Service

 Every year, before the onset of the summer season, it is advised that you get your AC serviced. People do not understand the importance of regular servicing of their AC. AC is the device that gives us air, which we breathe. An important part of our health is connected with it, as dirty air provided by the AC can lead to problems such as Asthma and other respiratory and lung diseases. Also, if the AC is not serviced regularly, it consumes more power and gives less cooling. Therefore, one should never neglect the AC service to ensure the good health of the AC. 

  • Not Cleaning the Air Filter

The air filter of the AC is where a lot of dust and dirt particles accumulate over time. If your AC is used a lot, it is mandatory to wash or clean the air filter of the AC once in at least three months. If possible, you should wash it every month if your AC is prone to a lot of dust. Also, you should ensure while buying that the air filter of your AC is reusable. Else, you would need to replace the air filter of your AC to ensure the good health of the AC and the people in your house. 

  • Leaving the AC Off 

If you leave your AC turned off for a long period, do not expect it to work as well as before you turn it back on. There can be multiple issues with an AC which has not been used for a long time, such as mold accumulation and other moisture-related problems. Also, the AC consumes a lot of electricity when turned on again after a long time. Stephan Home Comfort is one of the best HVAC companies near you

  • Choosing the Wrong AC Settings 

The AC settings play a decisive role in its health. It would help if you tried to keep your AC running at higher temperatures to save electricity costs and increase the life of your AC. Especially in the months that are a bit too hotter, you should keep a constant temperature of the Ac, and although it will take some time for it to cool the house, you should keep the temperature medium and not too low. 

If you keep in mind all these things and adhere to these AC practices, your AC will provide you with multiple benefits, such as less electricity consumption, more cooling, better air for breathing, and long life. 

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