Heater Maintenance in Garden Grove, CA

Heater Maintenance in Garden Grove, Newport Beach, Huntington, CA, and Surrounding Areas

An effective and efficient home heating system is your best defense against the winter cold. For this, professional annual heater Maintenance in Garden Grove CA is essential. However, to get the best out of your annual tune-ups and make sure the maintenance costs don’t flare up each year, some DIY or at-home heating maintenance shall come in handy. The following are some DIY maintenance tips for your heaters.

Heater Maintenance in Garden Grove, Newport Beach, & Huntington, CA and Surrounding Areas

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Change Filters Regularly

Changing filters is among the most crucial steps in maintaining your heating unit. Dirty filters could hold your system hostage and force it to work harder for proper air movement. This leads to bad performance and increased wear and tear of the system. A spruced-up filter also decreases energy costs, due to less power being needed to achieve the desired temperature. We recommend air filters must be changed at least every three months. Fresh filters trap impurities such as pet hair, dander, and dust, helping prolong the life of the system.

Conduct a Visual Inspection

Look for warning signs in your HVAC regularly with the help of a professional HVAC service provider such as Stephan’s Home comfort. Catching issues beforehand or early can save costly future repairs. Water leaks, frozen coils, and dirty condenser or evaporator coils could need the assistance of an HVAC contractor.

When you do decide to get a professional contractor for an expert opinion, it is the crux that you hire a contractor with a proven track record. In order to determine this – take a look at the contractor’s reviews. If they have none to offer, it usually is a bad sign. In fact, at Stephans, we encourage you to go take a look at our review page. .

Keep an Eye on the Thermostat

Setting your thermostat even a few degrees higher or lower during summer or winter months respectively could mitigate any possible system wear and tear, making a huge difference in the usage of energy. In addition to regular air filter changing, the best possible way to confirm your HVAC setup functions optimally is through a professional inspection. It’s recommended the scheduled tune-up takes place once every six months at least. Though a regular tune-up may set you back by a few hundred dollars, the money spent would be well worth the results.

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