Heater Tune-Up in Garden Grove, CA

Heater Tune-Up in Garden Grove, Newport Beach, Huntington, CA and Surrounding Areas

Heater tune-up in Garden Grove, CA should not be left until the last moment, because when the temperature outside drops and your heater doesn’t respond, you may then get into some serious trouble. Tuning up or maintaining the heating appliance regularly or annually would help mitigate a major crisis about to happen. And your family may not have to put up with the hostile cold weather. Let’s learn about the kind of heating tune up or maintenance you may indulge in time and again.

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Heater Tune-Up in Garden Grove, Newport Beach, & Huntington, CA and Surrounding Areas

Combustion Chamber

Before starting the process, cut the furnace’s fuel supply and electrical power. Then, remove the combustion chamber door and start vacuuming the interior. Look for corrosion-created holes in the chamber. Cover the holes, if any, with foil tape.


Lift the blower compartment door and vacuum the insides thoroughly. Look for holes in the blower section too, and use foil tape to cover the holes before doing a door replacement. Carry out a similar check on all ductwork, which includes return air ducts.

Furnace Filter

A basic heater filter traps dirt, dust, and airborne particles so that possible damage to the components is mitigated or the severity of the impact is decreased. During winters, the furnace should be cleaned every couple of months, as these months see extensive usage cycles. Modern homes have a tight sealing, and the majority of indoor air circulates via the HVAC setup. For this reason, it usually pays to spend more time on the heater filter, which not just safeguards the appliance but also traps pollen and bacteria and also mold spores and mildew, thereby enhancing air quality.

If you do not feel comfortable handling this by yourself be sure to get in an expert contractor from Stephans Home Comfort. Our contractors are all trained and have been awarded the proper certifications to do a top-notch job. Don’t believe us? Check out our former customer’s reviews as our testimonial.


These routine maintenance activities can enhance your unit’s lifespan and also make an annual tune-up an inexpensive affair. However, if all these things sound too technical, get a professional on board. If you’re not aware of any in Garden Grove, California, go with Stephan’s Home Comfort.

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