Tony N.

If you’re looking for amazing service, believe in me and call Stephan’s! I had a heating issue problem and another company quoted me at least $1000 to fix it but they wouldn’t do the work. They recommended me to buy a new furnace instead. When I called Stephens he had a technician come out the next day to look at it. When I was asking about possible solutions and causes, Stephan answered all my questions and was very informative. The next day my heating was back up for a third of the cost! They know what they’re doing and provide excellent service. Thank you also to Paul for always following up to make sure service was on time and exceptional. I would gladly refer this company to all my friends and relatives that have any heating or cooling issues! Thanks again Stephan, Paul, Kaipo, and Hung! You guys are the best!!

Mark U.

Hung and his team did a great job installing a new heater air filter in the attic and air conditioning a split system with the compressor outside on the pad at the end of the house. Heat and air work great at a very reasonable cost. Much better price than Costco offered.

Paul R.

It took me 5 years to get A/C in my rental unit. I shopped around for many quotes and even got a quote from Costco. All the other companies’ sales reps were pretty ruthless and at times were worst than bill collectors trying to hustle me to buy from them. Even Costco’s third-party rep was pretty bad and provided me my worst experience ever. I finally used Yelp and found Stephan’s Home Comfort. A sales rep by the name of Paul came out and was very easy to work with and I did not feel any pressure or used car salesman tactics from him. I felt that he was very genuine and easy to work with. He gave me a quote for a new HVAC Unit, Furnace and ducts and gave me one great price which was better than the 8 quotes I received. If there was a 6th star on Yelp then I would totally give them one as they superb customer service.

M D.

So Hung was right. First day of fall, my AC died and unrepairable. We had unforgivable heat all week long and with a 3 story home and 2 young kids, I was practically on my knees begging for help. So who was able to get me a new unit installed on the same day while other vendors told me, “I can’t see you until 2 weeks from now”? Hung and his wonderful team! They put up with my demands and got it done and by 7 pm that night, the whole nightmare of a broken AC unit was just a dream. Thanks again Hung, Stephen, and Paul. Great work!

J D.

Great and reliable service. My AC unit shut down in the morning… By 5 pm they were at my house. Yes, my unit is old but they said it might be able to last thru the summer with this current repair.

Jonathan T.

This company is great! I have a small business and we had an older air conditioner that just was not cooling our guest off. I had several bids to completely revamp the system they all came in much higher and we’re not offering all the modifications we needed. This team not only beat the other bids but did incredible work and the air feels great! Highly recommend them!

Alan L.

Stephan’s provides professional, high-quality HVAC service at a reasonable price. I’ve used them for a mini-split AC system install and for central AC duct repair. Both jobs were done extremely quickly by friendly, knowledgeable technicians. The mini-split install was a larger job based on the install site, upgrading the electrical panel, and running the electrical conduit. The team from Stephan’s showed up early and stayed late to get it done. They showed great attention to detail with not only getting everyone done but also making the install look good. Highly recommended!

Viet P.

It was starting to get hot again, so I figured it was time to get our house air-conditioned. Business hours were only during weekdays, but the owner was willing to work with me and came out on a Sunday to give me an estimate. The estimate process was straightforward. He took a look at our house and the current central heating setup, then made some recommendations. Prices, details, and such were all printed out in a binder that he had with him. Seeing him have this information prepared made me feel more comfortable about the pricing, in that it wasn’t some made-up number he was making up in his head. At any rate, I scheduled some days with him for the work. Besides the items needed for the air conditioning, we ended up also getting two vents added, our electric panel upgraded, all air ducts replaced and an air filtration system installed. All this took about 3 solid days of work, which two techs coming out each day. During the whole time, the techs performed the work in a professional manner. They were always mindful about any mess they made and cleaned their work area at the end of the day. They took care in the work they did and made sure that everything was done correctly. It’s been a couple of weeks since then and everything has been running great. Thank you!

James T.

My AC capacitor went out on a hot summer day and Mr. Hung came by late evening. He is very knowledgeable and experienced. Mr. Hung identified the issue, gave me a quote then my AC is back in business. The service is professional and I am happy. I will call Stephan’s Home Comfort Services if I need help again.

Baongoc L.

My central AC broke down two weeks ago, luckily we found Stephan’s Home Comfort Services, made the same day appt. Mr. Hung came to my house did a check-up found out that one of the parts need to be replaced, the service was quick and very honest.  I’m very happy with the service, definitely recommend their company to my families and friends.

Lynn T.

My rental unit in Garden Grove needed the old heating/ac packaged unit replaced. I called around and Mr. Hung provided me with the most competitive proposal. Work was completed on schedule as promised for the original price as quoted. Will recommend them to others.