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Light Commercial in Garden Grove, Newport Beach, & Huntington, CA and Surrounding areas

Some commercial applications require only minimal HVAC integration, or perhaps a small refrigeration installation. At Stephan’s Home Comfort, we refer to those as light commercial applications. Here are some examples of businesses that may fall under this installation category.

Light Commercial in Garden Grove, CA

Maybe you have a food service establishment that needs an upgrade in the air conditioning for the dining area, or additional ventilation for the kitchen. Perhaps you own a nail salon that needs an HVAC system that can improve the air quality – or, maybe you need a small cooler or freezer for your convenience store. Small offices may certainly require a commercial HVAC service, as well as many types of service provider establishments. These are all good examples of light commercial HVAC applications.

Trust Us First

If you are a small business that needs any type of HVAC or refrigeration service, you can trust us to provide it. Contact Stephan’s Home Comfort to tell us what the specific requirements of your light commercial application are. We appreciate the opportunity to fulfill your needs.


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