Light Commercial in Garden Grove, CA

Light Commercial in Garden Grove, Newport Beach, Huntington, CA, and Surrounding areas

Some commercial applications require only minimal HVAC integration, or perhaps a small refrigeration installation. At Stephan’s Home Comfort, we refer to those as light commercial applications. Here are some examples of businesses that may fall under this installation category.


Maybe you have a food service establishment that needs an upgrade in the air conditioning for the dining area, or additional ventilation for the kitchen. Perhaps you own a nail salon that needs an HVAC system that can improve the air quality – or, maybe you need a small cooler or freezer for your convenience store.

Small offices may certainly require a commercial HVAC service, as well as many types of service provider establishments. These are all good examples of light commercial HVAC applications.

Are you looking for a dependable light commercial in Garden Grove installation, maintenance, or repair company? Well our experts at Stephan’s Home Comfort are just a call away. 

At Stephan’s Home Comfort, we are a team of dedicated professionals committed to delivering outstanding heating and cooling service to our customers to make them feel at ease in their workplaces. So, if you live or work in a place with extreme weather all year, now is the most suitable time to get a light commercial heating and cooling service. 

Who Is Stephan’s Home Comfort?

  • At Stephan’s Home Comfort, we are a reputed light commercial in Huntington company. Our team constitutes highly experienced and certified professionals with numerous years of know-how to assist you with your heating and cooling requirements. 
  • Our purpose is to deliver virtue and honesty throughout our repair, maintenance, or installation process to ensure our clients always remain delighted. 
  • We specialize in improving the well-being and efficiency of your light commercial facility’s indoor environment. 
  • We use high-quality tools and unparalleled techniques to provide excellent client assistance.

Why Should You Choose Us?

  • Our professional experts can aid you with an annual heating and cooling checkup, duct cleaning, refrigerant refill, or a device update to a more power-efficient HVAC system. 
  • Regular upkeep and checkups skipped each year can end in a loss of up to 5% of the HVAC’s efficiency, which can add up over time.
  • A yearly checkup and periodic upkeep assistance can save you money on repair, electricity, and replacement expenses because they are reasonably affordable.
  • Maintenance will fix your heating or air conditioning service performance even if you overlook a tune-up for over a year.
  • It’s even more suitable to schedule your heating and cooling installation timely. In addition, we are an expert team of professional technicians you can count on when installing a new heating and air conditioning system or replacing an existing one. 
  • Our experienced repair persons can walk you through your options and find the perfect match for your specific circumstances, so you don’t have to waste an extended time looking for professional services. 

Services We Provide

Our technicians at Stephan’s Home Comfort got you covered in all facets of light commercial heating and cooling assistance, whether you require a

What Makes us a Superior Name in the Industry?

  •  24×7 Emergency Services 

Our professional HVAC technicians are there for you around the clock and remain ready to assist at any time during the day or night. Just give our experts a call, and the team will rush to your doorstep fast.

  • Responsible 

Our professional experts are well aware of their duties and their job. They also always make sure that they use the most high-quality tools and latest techniques to complete the job as efficiently as possible. 

At Stephan’s Home Comfort, our professionals are here to guide you at every step. Get to know more about us and schedule a service appointment. Call us at (714) 894-6500

Trust Us First

If you are a small business that needs any type of HVAC or refrigeration service including HVAC installation in Garden Grove, you can trust us to provide it. Contact Stephan’s Home Comfort to tell us what the specific requirements of your light commercial application are. We appreciate the opportunity to fulfill your needs.

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