5 Ways To Fix The Problem Of Uneven Indoor Temperature

5 Ways To Fix The Problem Of Uneven Indoor Temperature

An uneven indoor temperature can be inconvenient especially during hot summer months. You might have suffered from having holes in the cold atmosphere of your house when the first room is cooler than the second while the third one is still hot. You can restore your comfort with air conditioning repair in Garden Grove.

However, it is best to analyze the issues on your own and take possible measures to find solutions. Seeking immediate professional guidance will extend the life of your AC unit by saving money on energy bills and repairs. Let your HVAC system relax by reducing its workload and regulating the AC temperature.

Reasons Why You Have an Uneven Indoor Temperature

Before fixing uneven indoor temperature, you should take a minute to understand why this difference exists. Here are the most common points from AC inspection in Garden Grove you should know.

  • Poor insulation can lead the outdoor air to come in and the indoor air to leave, causing temperature changes in the room.
  • If the room is directly facing sunshine, there could be extra heat, or if the room is on the opposite side, there could be a complete lack of sunshine.
  • Distance from the central HVAC air duct is significant. If there is a huge gap, there would be less efficient cooling and heating.

5 Ways to Fix the Uneven Indoor Temperature

A slight temperature difference is bearable. When the struggle is to maintain cooling and heating throughout the entire house, it needs repair. Therefore, given below are a few fixes you could try to get your HVAC system back into shape.

  • Check Filters and Vents

It is the first task you should do while fixing uneven temperatures. Make sure all the vents in your home are clear and there is no furniture in the way.

Let the air circulate through the house by cleaning the air filters regularly. Clean the exterior vent area with a brush and soap where dust, dirt, and debris collects. For the interior cleaning of registers and vents, use a vacuum.

  • Arrange Proper Insulation

Insulation is a huge factor that could interfere with cooling and heating at your place. If your attic is not insulated properly, cool air would escape through it and leave the upstairs warmer, making your AC work harder. Therefore, to maintain a constant temperature throughout your home, you must ensure no insulation leaks.

  • Close Windows and Blinds

Sealing windows and doors with blinds could also help you adjust the temperature per your needs. However, ventilation is also an essential part of HVAC installation. It prevents heat from building up and lets moisture escape. To improve the comfort of your home, add adequate ventilation and prevent pressure buildup from breaking your unit.

  • Use Fan in on Mode

These days, thermostats have an inbuilt fan option that can be switched between auto, on, and off. For air circulation through the ductwork, a blowing fan maintains an even flow of air, keeping the temperature the same. Most people think the auto position is the best, but one is even better. Here’s why,

  • In the auto position, the fan operates when the outdoor unit is active, and the cooling is on.
  • In the on position, the fan will continue to operate even when the cooling cycle and outdoor unit stops.
  • Use a zoning system.

A zoning system lets you set an individual temperature in all different rooms and halls in your home. It is an expensive yet rigorous solution to control major temperature differences in your home. It lets you adjust the customized temperature in different areas, which removes the troubled hot/cold spots.

Apart from the temperature management, it is a great help for ductless heat pumps requiring no additional ductwork as in central heating systems. It is an efficient and cost-effective solution for all small and large buildings with AC service in Garden Grove, CA.

  • Check For Leaks

If there is no issue with your air filters, vents, ducts, insulation, and fan, think about leaky ducts. Small cracks or tears in the ducts can make air circulation a mess and lead to an exhausted system trying hard to maintain the temperature after the lost air. An increase in humidity and moisture can lead to metal corrosion that ultimately results in leaks dropping the air pressure.

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