7 Warning Signs That Your HVAC System is Failing

7 Warning Signs That Your HVAC System is Failing

Whether you own or rent a home, a broken air conditioner can be a significant source of concern and discomfort. Before that occurs, your system may show signs of needing HVAC repair in Garden Grove, CA. What are some signs that you may require an HVAC house call or a completely new system? Check out the seven warning signs you shouldn’t ignore and book an appointment for HVAC maintenance as soon as possible.

7 Important Warning Signs that Your HVAC System is Failing

Your HVAC system lets you know when it malfunctioning, and you need to search for HVAC companies. These HVAC warning signs could be attempting to alert you to the importance of your at-home system.

Rising Electricity Bills Without Any Particular Reason

Energy prices fluctuate naturally throughout the year. The greater the demand on your system whenever the weather attains extreme temperatures, the higher the energy costs.

These changes, however, should not occur inexplicably. Our heating service in Garden Grove, CA, advise that if you notice an increase in your energy bill, keep an eye on your gas or electricity rate, usage patterns, and weather conditions.

If none of these factors have significantly changed and your bill is still rising, your system is most likely unable to perform as efficiently as it should.

Your Unit Does Not Heat or Cool Well But Still Runs Constantly

It may not be accurate if your heating and cooling system runs continuously but fails to cool or heat your home adequately. Although it may not require an emergency HVAC repair,  you should schedule a yearly maintenance appointment to avoid more severe problems in the future. Troubles with your thermostat are frequently to blame for frequent cycling systems.

Reduced or Poor Indoor Air Quality

A high-quality indoor environment is essential to maintaining a healthy home environment. If you start noticing your indoor air quality deteriorating, this could indicate that your HVAC system is failing and needs urgent AC service in Garden Grove, CA. Although this can be difficult to diagnose, any symptoms you or someone in your home develop, such as eye, nose, and throat irritation, mental fatigue, headache, airway infections, or a cough, can indicate poor indoor air quality.

A Rancid Odor is Coming from Your AC

You most likely have a natural gas leak if you smell rotten eggs. Gas leaks are hazardous and should only be handled by a professional. Call for assistance immediately, and leave your home until an HVAC repair expert can address the problem.

Meanwhile, a burning odor indicates an electrical problem. Electrical problems can arise in the motor and other components of the unit. Turn off the unit’s power if you smell burning in your home, and start looking for HVAC companies.

Then there’s the moldy or musty odor. If you notice a stale or wet smell in your home, it could result in moisture and mold growing in your ducts. Mold can grow and accumulate in the vents due to the possibility of water escaping from the HVAC unit. This is a severe health risk. Call our skilled professional for urgent heating service.

Odd Noises are Coming From the System

Strange noises from an HVAC unit indicate a severe issue that should not be ignored. Grinding, grating, squealing, and other unusual noises should be investigated. It is necessary to start looking for air conditioning repair near me to pinpoint the source of the issue. Sometimes the unit needs to be repaired; sometimes, it must be replaced.

The Water or Refrigerant Around the HVAC System

There should be no water accumulating around your HVAC unit. A minor leak or a large puddle can lead to more serious problems that impact your HVAC system and other things within and around your home if you cannot locate the leak.

Inconsistent Temperatures in the House

The temperature in your household should be consistent from room to the room unless you have a multi-zone HVAC system. If you notice that one room is hot while another is freezing, you most likely have a severe problem with your HVAC system.

If you have a multi-story home or commercial building, you may notice a temperature difference between floors. Similarly, if the airflow has slowed for no apparent reason, this indicates a problem requiring emergency AC service. Your HVAC system is designed to provide consistent flow at all times.


Understanding what to look for is the first step in troubleshooting HVAC issues. If you notice any of these red flags, you should investigate them right away. In almost all cases, if a minor problem is not addressed, it will grow into a much larger problem. Contact a professional if you need AC service.

If you’re searching for HVAC companies, the experts at Stephan’s Home Comfort Services are available for all your HVAC needs. If you have any issues with your HVAC system, We can arrange for one of our fully skilled technicians to inspect your unit and ensure that everything is in working order.

We can help you with installation, tune-up, or HVAC repair. Our USP is 100% customer service for the convenience of our people. Call us immediately to schedule an appointment or for air conditioner maintenance at (714) 894-6500.