A Simple Guide To Air Conditioner Installation

A Simple Guide To Air Conditioner Installation

Are you contemplating installing a new air conditioner? Improving your home’s interior climate is all about installing the right HVAC system composed of different pieces of equipment by the right people. An air conditioner is one of the best options to invest in to keep your home cool when it is sweltering hot outside.

Air conditioners come in different sizes, designs, types, and cooling strengths. Therefore, it is crucial to determine which model will work in tandem with the layout and atmosphere of your home space where the unit will be installed. For this, you need the advice of NATE-certified HVAC experts to help you go about installation the smart way. So, let us go through a simple guide from the professionals that can guide you through your air conditioner installation:

  • Climate and location

Understand the natural climate of your location. If you live in a hot and humid place for most of the year, you will require an air conditioner with higher horsepower to cool your home adequately. Check the layout of your house and find a suitable position for your AC. Once that is done, take measurements and check the height of the ceiling, among others, to find out how much horsepower the air conditioning unit you are to buy should have.

  • Ensure proper circulation

You need to consider all the other components of your room because you certainly wouldn’t want to place your AC, for example, right behind a massive shelf or where there is a big pillar right in front of it. Why? Because nobody hopes for their air circulation to get blocked up when they are installing an air conditioner. 

  • Proximity to heat sources

Keep your window air conditioners away from heat sources like areas that get direct sunlight, radiators, or appliances that emit heat like dryers and irons. Why? Heat sources will make the unit work much harder, making it consume more energy, which you would be able to see in your electricity bill at the end of the month. Likewise, it can also make cooling more difficult, thus, ending up shortening its functional lifespan. 

  • Human factors

You need to consider the number of people who are to use the room as well. Human bodies emit a lot of heat, and the more the people who occupy the room, the higher horsepower your air conditioner must have to combat the heat. 

  • One outlet for itself

It is safest to place the AC where it gets to have its own electrical outlet. No other appliances using the same socket as your air conditioner would help prevent electrical issues like power surge, malfunctioning thermostat, or others that may possibly cause fires.

  • Preventing air leaks

Ask your HVAC contractor to diagnose and tackle the areas in your room where air might leak. If they had created a hole in the wall for a window unit, they would take to sealing the sides with heavy-duty tape to prevent air leaks and ensure the high efficiency working and energy efficiency of your air conditioner.

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