Affordably Cool: This Is How You’ll Know If You Need AC Repairs

Affordably Cool: This Is How You’ll Know If You Need AC Repairs

Affordably Cool: This Is How You'll Know If You Need AC Repairs

Signs That You Need Air Conditioner Repair

If your air conditioner just refuses to provide you relief from the scorching heat, then you need to look for an air conditioning repair in Fountain Valley, CA service. However, do you know how bad the problem is? Throughout this article, we list a few tips to help you diagnose various AC problems.

Our team has undergone extensive training to correctly diagnose the problems your air conditioner may be having and then fix them as quickly as possible. This requires years of training and expertise that those who aren’t trained to work on these machines can’t offer. Plus we are one of the most prompt and polite service providers in the area!

Read these next few sections carefully so that you can find out whether you should call us or not for air conditioning repair in Fountain Valley, CA…..

Your Home Has Gotten Stuffy

This happens because your air conditioner has started to have a lot of trouble expelling all the dust and lint that has accumulated inside of your home, and specifically in your air ducts. This can be quite devastating to anyone in your home that may have allergies, asthma, or really any sort of respiratory problem.

Another potentially deadly reason your home may be stuffy is that your unit has started to create carbon monoxide due to some sort of internal malfunction. Low amounts can cause dizziness and a headache, while higher levels can make you faint or worse. A thorough cleaning and inspection may be all you need, but we can’t tell until we stop by.

Your AC Is Making A Lot Of Noise

If you’re starting to anxiously wait for the moments when your AC stops making enough noise so you can sleep or hear yourself talk, then it’s probably become time for air conditioning repair in Fountain Valley, CA. 

The reason behind these noises is most likely wear and tear. It could be a simple gear slip or something more costly such as broken components. Regardless, it is important to get this checked out ASAP to save your budget in the long-run.

There’s An Overall Lack Of Cool Air

Some homes will still get a small trickle of cool air coming from some parts of their homes, while others will feel just warm air in this situation. This could be due to a lack of Freon, a mechanical issue, or a lack of routine maintenance on the unit.

Such a problem can be incredibly frustrating when you’re getting cool air part of the time, and often when you feel like you need it the most!

The solution won’t be apparent until one of us comes out to visit your home and inspect your unit. So why don’t you let us handle your cooling solutions? All you have to do is call us at  (714) 894-6500 and we can help you.