Air Conditioning System Freezing Up: How To Fix It?

Air Conditioning System Freezing Up: How To Fix It?

Finding ice on your outdoor AC unit during the hot days of summer doesn’t seem possible. In reality, an AC unit freezing up during summer happens frequently.

Keep reading below to learn everything about the freezing up of an air conditioner. You will learn about the causes, what to do and how to prevent it from happening again in the future.

What Causes Your AC To Freeze?

The evaporator coil of your air conditioner is full of cold refrigerant. Refrigerants need warm air to blow across these coils. It cools the air while keeping the coils at a warm temperature to prevent freezing. The indoor coil removes the heat from the inside and transfers it to the outdoor coil using the refrigerant to push the heat outside.

If anything inside the unit fails, the whole system gets affected. If the warm air is prevented by something blowing over the coils, it will make the refrigerant in the coils cool too much leading to freezing. Or, if the refrigerant pressure inside the coils is wrong, the coils can become too cold and freeze up.

Steps To Take If You Find Ice On Your Outdoor AC Unit

If you notice a frozen outdoor AC unit, take the following steps and get things back to running again.

  • Turn Off The AC

Avoid using the AC while the evaporator coils are frozen to prevent it from straining the compressor. Go to the electrical breaker and turn off the power to your air conditioning unit.

It will keep your system from freezing further, and the ice will begin to thaw. Do not try to break the ice with a heavy or sharp object, as it can damage the components, which may need costly AC repair in Garden Grove.

  • Let It Dry

When the ice is melted away, the evaporator coils need to be dried. You can use a paper towel or let it dry out in the sunlight if it is available. Get the power back to your system and turn on the blower.

Set the thermostat only to run the fan or blower. It will help the coils dry quickly by circulating air around and through them. Once the coils are fully dried up, your system will start to operate normally.

How To Prevent Your AC From Freezing?

Take the following measures to prevent your cooling system from freezing up,

  • Change The Filters

The main reason behind a frozen AC is a dirty air filter. The filter’s job is to circulate clean air around your home. With continuous usage, the filters get dirty and clogged with dirt, dust, and other pollutants, which restricts the airflow, leading to the freezing up of coils.

It is recommended to check your filter regularly and change it whenever needed. However, how often you need to change it depends upon various factors such as:

  1. Type of filter
  2. Number of individuals in your home
  3. Level of pollution in your area
  4. Someone smokes in the home
  5. If someone has asthma or other respiratory illnesses
  • Regular Maintenance

Annual professional AC maintenance is the best thing you can do for your AC. The professionals will visit your home and thoroughly service your AC, ensuring everything is in good working condition. Maintenance includes:

  1. Inspection of coolant levels and pressure
  2. Tightening the loose wirings, connections, and capacitors
  3. Calibrating the thermostat
  4. Cleaning the evaporator coil
  5. Clearing the condenser drain
  6. Cleaning the condenser
  7. Checking the fan motor and blades
  8. Lubrication

Coolants are toxic chemicals. So, it is best to search for an air conditioner servicing near me and let the experts handle it.

  • Clean Evaporator Coils

The condenser line drains the excess moisture from your AC. If a blockage is present in the line, the water becomes stuck and freezes up. This frozen water can lead to frozen coils.

  • Airflow Inspection

Restricted airflow prevents the coils from properly cooling and results in a frozen AC. Like a clogged filter, a blocked vent prevents adequate airflow through the system. Your system will not have a way to release the air causing it to work harder.

So walk around your home and ensure that all the indoor vents are clear from any blockage. If you experience weak airflow, call a professional for an AC inspection in Garden Grove and get an expert solution.


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