Big Storms Could Mean It’s Time to Repair That AC

Big Storms Could Mean It’s Time to Repair That AC

Big Storms Could Mean It’s Time to Repair That AC

With a hit from the “biggest storm of the winter”, this year, California residents have had more than the usual share of rain and in some cases, snow. This kind of weather can put a strain on your AC system and provides a good reminder it might be time for air conditioner repair service in Garden Grove, CA.

Use our handy list to see if you should call for repair service. Stephan Home Comfort has been serving the Garden Grove community for over 40 years, and offers quality work at the fairest prices. We’re ready to help when you need it.

For Starters

First, it’s important to get a regular service appointment to protect your investment in your AC unit. Annual service helps make sure your AC lasts its expected lifespan of 10 to 20 years. The other way you can take care of your AC is to make sure to change filters. Check the recommended time on your unit. In most cases, you should be changing the filter every three months, but change it more often if someone in your family suffers from allergies. A clean filter will help your system run efficiently and also improve air quality in the home.

Signs it’s Time for an AC Repair

Assuming you just checked your filter or changed it; if you notice any of these signs, give us a call to service your AC.

Your Unit is over 10 Years Old

At the 10 year mark, it’s important to get a repair service to make sure your AC is in good running condition. This is about when a lower quality unit nears the end of its lifespan, and it can also be a time a higher-end unit will lose efficiency if you haven’t been keeping up on maintenance and changing filters. A technician should look at the fan performance and check mechanical and electrical parts to make sure your unit is working well.

Big Storms Could Mean It’s Time to Repair That AC

Uneven Temperatures

If room to room you notice big differences in temperature, you should call for repair service. This could be a sign there’s an issue with your AC fan. A repair to the fan could bring years of new life to your unit as well as decrease your monthly bills.

A Constantly Running AC

If your unit seems to always be running and never shut off, it should be looked at since this is a sign it’s working very hard to cool your home. Even if your unit is still keeping the house comfortable, it’s going to burn out of use if it’s running all the time. A well-working unit should reach your thermostat temperature setting and then turn off until needed again.

A home that never cools

If your AC can’t even reach the temperature you selected, it really should be checked. Not only are you probably paying bills way out of control because your AC is always working at capacity trying to cool your home, but you’re not even getting the comfort out of all that money spent. It’s wiser to see if a repair can get it back to functioning or if you should spend that cash on a newer, more efficient model.

Call Stephan Home Comfort to help you with air conditioner repair service in Garden Grove, CA today at (714) 894-6500. We take pride in helping our Orange County neighbors.