Commercial Refrigeration Installation Service

Commercial Refrigeration Installation Service

There are many types of commercial establishments which require large-scale refrigeration systems to preserve either raw materials or finished products. For instance, milk processors normally store milk in refrigerated towers. After processing milk to make different types of dairy products, such as yogurt, cream, and packaged milk, the finished products must be stored in refrigerated warehouses and trucks to keep them fresh during storage and transportation. Similarly, meat processors also need large refrigerators or cold rooms to preserve freshly cut chicken, beef, and pork. When steak, pork chops, and chicken are packed and ready for sale, they are usually kept in large commercial refrigerators for both display and preservation purposes in retail outlets.

Commercial Refrigeration Systems

It is important to note that commercial refrigeration systems usually come with custom designs to suit the needs of the client. Vets usually have their own type of refrigeration systems for storing vaccines, medication and semen for artificial insemination. Hospitals, on the other hand, have unique refrigeration systems for preserving organs, bodies, medication and vaccines among other types of hospital supplies which need to be kept at sub-zero temperatures for preservation purposes. Whatever the case, Stephan Comfort has technicians who are professionally trained to design and construct refrigeration systems to suit the needs of their clients, in terms of size, the general design and desired temperature range.

Commercial-Grade Refrigeration

Refrigeration systems can be costly to operate since they consume a lot of power. The best way to manage the heating bill is through proper insulation of the cooling compartment or room. With proper insulation, the items stored in the commercial fridge will not gain heat from the surroundings. The family-owned and operated HVAC firm has handled hundreds of projects involving commercial cooling. They range from design and installation to maintenance and repairs. Other services include; modification of existing refrigeration systems and replacement of obsolete systems among others.