Common Causes of HVAC Airflow Problems & How to Fix Them

Common Causes of HVAC Airflow Problems & How to Fix Them

Are you suffering from HVAC airflow issues, or is your heating system not functioning well? If you think your system’s airflow is not as strong and you’re unsure what to do, you could run the system for longer, paying more for energy every month. It is wise to hire reputed HVAC companies near me and find the solution as soon as possible. Our team at Stephan’s Home Comfort Services will be happy to assist you with any issues you are experiencing.

Common Reasons For HVAC Airflow Problems And What To Do

There are various problems that can occur within your system that could cause low airflow. When searching for air conditioning installation experts near me, you will find they suggest to immediately address the issue, or the strain on your system may result in compressor failure.

Most of the causes of HVAC airflow problems are straightforward and inexpensive to address. Learn more about the most common problems before looking for air conditioning installation  near me:

Clogged Filter

When was the last time that you replaced your filter? It’s recommended to change your filter each month or every quarter to postpone your search for AC repair near me as long as possible. Check how often you need to change your filter, and make sure that you replace it according to the schedule stated. Filters are prone to becoming blocked by debris and dust.

This could cause the furnace to be unable to perform its job. That is why it is important to clean your filters more often. If you don’t do this, issues might develop, and you’ll require more extensive repairs to your heating and cooling services.


Inadequate Return Vents

Your HVAC system may not be able to produce enough air if your return vents aren’t the amount your home needs. The HVAC system needs a sufficient amount of return vents to draw in the air required to cool all areas of your home. For example, the airflow will be affected if there are just two return vents when the HVAC needs five. This will require you to search for AC repair near me sooner than expected.

Blocked and Leaky Ducts

Dust that passes through your filters and is blocked over time builds into the ductwork, especially in narrow ducts. There could even be insects, birds, or rodent nests inside. Ductwork can also form cracks or holes through which air could leak out. It’s time to contact HVAC companies near me to determine if the ductwork is clean and damage-free or if you require new ductwork. If you are in Garden Grove or the surrounding areas, call our team of experienced technicians today.

Lack of Insulation

Insufficient insulation can cause air loss. Cool air from your AC system could come in contact with warm air if your ducts have not been adequately insulated. It could influence temperature, which can cause the space to become warm, and you will then require urgent AC repair near me.

Outdated HVAC Components

If your home was recently remodeled without considering proper HVAC installation in Garden Grove, or your heating unit is not the right size for your home, the system could operate poorly. A large unit could result in the unit running inefficiently and produce too much humid air in the room and make your home feel uncomfortable.

Dirty Coils

A coil forms the primary element of an HVAC system. All air needs to be circulated through the cold evaporator coils to keep your space cool. If the coils are dirty, the heat is not let out through the air, which decreases cooling.

This can cause the malfunction of the compressor. Don’t clean your coils at home if you’ve never done it before. Instead, search for HVAC companies to complete the task. The coil’s fins are sensitive, and a harsh clean can harm the coil. Contact our team at Stephan’s Home Comfort Services for assistance.

Faulty Thermostats

Certain thermostats are misaligned, or the components inside them are bent. Older dial thermostats operate on tiny thermometers and a piece of bent steel inside. HVAC installation specialists recommend keeping vents and air blowers away from the thermostat.

If cool air blows on your thermostat while you try to cool your home, it can cause the thermostat to become out of balance. The thermostat’s perception of the temperature of your home will become distorted due to the cool air being directed directly over it.

Low Refrigerant Level

Another issue that can cause inadequate airflow is inadequate refrigerant levels. This is usually the case in the event of a leak within the system or poor HVAC installation. Based on the extent of leakage, you might not notice the level of refrigerant dropping or the system failing until their cooling levels are reduced to a significant amount.

This is one of the problems where you’ll have to contact a professional. It’s difficult to identify leaks yourself and then perform the repairs. Reach out to our certified technicians for HVAC repairs and installation.


There are various methods for resolving airflow issues. One thing to understand is that you cannot fix a leaky vent by applying tape to the leaky duct. Duct tape is a short time fix and can cause the problem to worsen without timely repairs. Search for air conditioning installation specialists near me to quickly help fix the problem.

Stephan’s Home Comfort Services has you covered when it comes to repairs and replacements. We aim to provide customer satisfaction and help you solve any HVAC issues. If you are looking for trustworthy HVAC companies, call us today.