Common Mistakes That May Void An HVAC Warranty

Common Mistakes That May Void An HVAC Warranty

If your HVAC system breaks down, your warranty can provide you with protection and help pay for repairs. Warranties are not a foolproof solution for all types of problems. There are many routine steps you can do to void your warranty. Checking your warranty and avoiding certain things can help you avoid surprises. Searching for AC repair near me? Hire the best technicians for your AC repairs.

How To Avoid Voiding Your Warranty By Avoiding These Mistakes

Fortunately, most circumstances that can void an HVAC warranty can be avoided. Knowing your warranty terms and conditions, staying on top of HVAC facts, and avoiding the following common mistakes can help you maintain warranty coverage. Hire the best AC company in Garden Grove, CA, to avoid mistakes that may void an HVAC warranty.

  • Failing To Register The Warranty

People often forget to register their warranty when they turn on their new HVAC system for the first time. If you do this as soon as possible, your warranty coverage will start. 

Your HVAC contractor can help you register your warranty in person. Online registration has become more common in recent years.

  • Performing Unauthorized Repairs

Many people prefer to work on home repairs themselves. However, repairing your HVAC system yourself may void the warranty. 

To prevent damage caused by improvised repairs and off-brand replacement parts, HVAC companies require authorized technicians perform repairs. An additional benefit of sticking to authorized repairs is quality performance. 

  • Lack Of Maintenance

It helps detect potential problems and keeps the system in working condition. You may need to perform maintenance annually or bi annually, depending on what the manufacturer recommends.

Documentation of regular maintenance is one of the things the manufacturer will need if you need to file a warranty claim. The manufacturer may deny your claim and void your warranty due to lack of maintenance. 

  • Skipping Your Annual Maintenance

Typically, HVAC warranties will require you to have annual maintenance. Maintenance is important because it ensures that your HVAC system operates at its peak performance. Things like dust buildup or gradual loosening fixtures can cause major problems if you ignore maintenance. A typical warranty requires you to get professional maintenance once a year. 

Check your warranty carefully, though, because some may have other maintenance requirements. In fact, following this warranty guideline lowers your risk of needing repairs in the first place. Your equipment’s lifespan can be increased with routine maintenance.

Hire Professionals For Your HVAC Needs

The manufacturer can void any warranty related to your system if you fail to perform routine HVAC maintenance. Both manufacturers and professionals understand the importance of routine HVAC maintenance. You must also keep track of professional maintenance and change your filters every two months.

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