Air Conditioning Installation Newport Beach CA Services

Air Conditioning Installation Newport Beach CA Services

DIY skills may save you in a couple of situations, but we strongly suggest you hire a professional for your AC Installation Service Newport Beach CA. We as Stephan’s Home Comfort Services have been in the AC installation for decades and here is what we have learnt about hiring a professional.

They Install the Units Correctly

An appliance manual or an online tutorial will give you an idea of what should be done, but it doesn’t mention all the steps in fine detail. Do you know how to measure your home electrical circuit and ensure your AC matches the voltage? Can you split the ductwork in order to cool several zones at once? Better yet, do you have all the professional equipment to fix an AC unit correctly?

Prior Knowledge

When it all boils down to evaluating wattage or SEER ratings, things can get tough for you. Luckily our professional air conditioning experts are trained in how these unit works and how to handle them. They are also handy in explaining what energy saving SEER rating is all about, alongside other mindboggling terms you will find online.

Avoid Additional Costs

Purchasing the expensive digital AC unit sunk a big-enough hole in your finances, so you cannot afford to get it wrong in the installation. Our Stephan’s Home Comfort technicians have lost count of the many requests they get to fix new AC damaged by DIY antics. Avoid the extra cost of hiring someone to clean up your mess, let our professional AC installation expert handle it.

Our Stephan’s Home Comfort professionals have been installing AC units for the past 28 years. If you are planning to install an AC in your home, feel free to call us today and we will gladly install it correctly and save you additional problems in future.