Have some fun with summer home decor

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Have some fun with summer home decor

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Whether you plan on a relaxing evening in with the kids, a casual get together with friends, or a large gathering for a birthday or special event, here are a few tips from our team to get your home ready for good times and comfort. Your home should be a place of pride, and somewhere to decompress from a long day at work. It’s a place to make memories and enjoy the good times in life. These ideas will help make these things easier by giving you a more relaxing and cozy place.

  • Liven up indoor decor. Put away or donate throw blankets, decorative pillows or items showing wear. Restuff and recover couch pillows that look like they’ve seen better days or replace them. Consider adding a rug to center the living room and tie in color. Make clutter your target and gather up all the things that don’t belong in your living room. This makes room for you, your spouse, and the kids to actually relax and enjoy the place. If the kids toys and games are a constant source of mess in the room, get a side table or chest that has ample storage to keep these items at hand in the room. Alternately, have kids keep the toys in their own bedrooms until they want to use them. They can bring out what they want to play with and put it away when they’re done. It’s a good idea to build these habits once children are old enough to understand.
  • Try a new outdoor living room set up in the backyard. Start by sweeping the patio and washing furniture if needed. Then, look for a new arrangement for seating. Instead of centering around a table, the new trend is to create a lounge area set-up like a living room. Use your current furniture or try adding a chaise or bench seat to create a rectangular shaped seating arrangement.
  • Set up the entry for easy “relax mode”. Upon entering, everyone wants to be able to pull off backpacks and purses and have a place for keys and shoes. Without a planned set-up, this can easily become a spot for a pile of mess right where guests walk in the door. Instead, plan an ample-sized amount of hooks or bench seating where shoes can be removed. Pick a system that fits your family’s size and habits instead of one that only looks good if everything is dragged out of the way. This will make it easier to keep your home looking clean and give you a comfortable feel upon walking in.

Stephan's Home Comfort Services

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