Having trouble with Your AC Lately?

Having trouble with Your AC Lately?

Check Your Air Filter and Hire An Expert Technician!

Without an HVAC system installed at home, we might be helpless against the weather conditions. Therefore, it is important to keep your HVAC system in working condition. 

An air filter is an important part of an HVAC system as it filters air through its dense mesh by eliminating unwanted particles from the air in your room. To keep it clean, we recommend you hire professional technicians by searching online ‘AC inspection servicing’ if you happen to live in the Garden Grove area.

The air filter should be changed regularly to keep your HVAC system at optimal capacity as it ensures that your room is only filled with fresh air. But how do you know when an air filter needs to be changed? Let us tell you the symptoms so that you can schedule an AC inspection as soon as possible.

Your HVAC Unit is Considerably Hot:

It is okay to get your HVAC a bit hot while performing continuously at the peak hour of the day. But if it gets too hot without even running for that much time, it is a clear sign that your air filter needs immediate replacing. 

A clogged air filter makes the AC system work harder to keep your room cool, and as a result, this leads to frequent AC repair, the short lifespan of the unit, and so on. You can look for the best air conditioning installation near you, to help you in such situations.

Warmer Air Flow:

If an air filter gets clogged, the air conditioner system will work harder to produce quality air, and thereby, it will get hot very soon. A dirty air filter will not allow the passing of optimal cool air indoors. If you notice your HVAC system continuously produces warm air, search and contact the most professional air conditioner AC repair near you.

Increased Allergy Symptoms:

Your HVAC system should terminate any particles or pollutants from the air that might harm your health. Suppose you notice that your allergy symptoms have increased considerably. In that case, you should consider replacing your air filter as soon as possible by choosing a quality AC inspection area.

Accumulated Dust near the Vents: 

If you find dust on the surfaces and the furniture near your AC unit, you should not probably waste any time changing your air filter.

Now that we have understood when to call for an expert from the top AC company in Garden Grove, CA, you need to choose the best air filter for your unit. There are many types of air filters available in the market, but the most commonly used are:

  • Fiberglass air filters – are more affordable but need to be changed every 30 days.
  • Pleated air filters – are relatively expensive but catch maximum particles from the air than the previous one. Also, it needs to be changed every 90 days or so.

If you are looking for expert service, we at Stephan’s Home Comfort Services should be your only choice. We know how to serve you the best with an excellent track record, modern pieces of equipment, and skilled technicians. Your search for a professional AC inspection in Garden Grove ends here. Call us today to schedule a demo.