Hire The Right Guy For The Job

Hire The Right Guy For The Job

Hire The Right Guy For The Job

Back when we started in the late 80s, there weren’t as many technicians in Orange County. When you do a Google search today, you’ll find so many “local” businesses claiming to offer the best price and quality service. How do you compare these options to make the best call when it comes to trusting someone you don’t know to work in and around your home?

Look for these tips from Stephan Home Comfort to help you make that decision when you need air conditioner repair service in Huntington Beach, CA.

1. A Fair Estimate

The first thing we’re all thinking when we need a repair is “How much is this going to cost?” Get at least three estimates for a big job like an installation. For a repair, get two or three. You need some point of comparison to tell if a price is fair. Remember to consider how many hours the contractor quotes or if they offer you a flat rate no matter how long the job takes them. Ask how many people will be on the job and get the quote in writing. You may be able to show a competitor’s quote and get a match from your usual service provider.

2. Signs of Professionalism

Notice the little details, these add up to the kind of work you can expect from a contractor. Do they arrive on time or are they late? Do they drive a vehicle with a company logo? Are they dressed for the job? Do they wear a company uniform? These clues help you see the level of investment they put into their image, which often relates to the level of investment they put into performing services.

3. Certifications

Ask the technician visiting your home if they are N.A.T.E. certified. North American Technician Excellence shows your technician is doing certifications to stay on top of industry standards.

4. A Technician who Listens and doesn’t Rush you

When you interact with the technician, they should listen patiently while you show the problem and not try to rush you into a decision when they give you an estimate. Your technician should be friendly and helpful. If they are rude or seem impatient before earning your business, chances are they won’t be fun to deal with if things go wrong.

Hire The Right Guy For The Job

5. A Sense of Trust

Your instinct is valuable when you decide on a technician service. If you don’t feel comfortable and trusting of the person giving you a quote, don’t hire them. You need to choose someone you feel cares about you and your family, any small signs they don’t shouldn’t be ignored. Down the road, you want to hire someone that will make things right if a problem occurs.

6. Good Reviews

Check reviews of the business on Google, Yelp, and Angie’s List to see what other customers in your area have to say.

Stephan Home Comfort has over forty year experience helping with air conditioner repair service in Huntington Beach, CA. Make the call to get your home back to comfortable, reliable cooling today by calling us at (714) 894-6500.