How Can You Fix Hot Spots in Your Home?

How Can You Fix Hot Spots in Your Home?

How Can You Fix Hot Spots in Your Home?

Now that the summer is upon us, some homeowners are realizing for the first time that their heating and cooling systems are faulty. Among the commonest air conditioning problems being addressed by professional air conditioning repair Huntington Beach, CA experts this summer is irregular cooling, popularly referred to as hot spots. When this happens, you will find that the cooling effect by your air conditioner is not even throughout the house. In this regard, some parts of a room will be warmer than others. AC units are designed to be highly effective at cooling the entire house evenly. Provided you have the right air conditioner installed in your home, cooling should be even throughout the house. When this happens, you first need to ensure that you had the right unit installed.

The skilled and experienced heating and cooling technicians we have at Stephan Home Comfort can help you identify the problem causing hot spots in your home and fix it appropriately for lasting results. The summer season is usually a peak season for HVAC contractors. As such, having a qualified professional inspect and fix your system may take some time. This may be attributed to the full bookings experienced by these professionals in summer. Unless you have hired our emergency HVAC services, you may have to wait for a considerable period to have your problem resolved. Here are some of the tips you can implement to resolve hot spots as you wait for a professional to offer a lasting solution.

Air Sealing in Your Home

For the years we have been in business, we have helped many homeowners resolve this problem in their homes. In most of the cases we have resolved in the past, we found poor insulation to be the main problem in the affected homes. For instance, insulation gaps around doors and windows can lead to uneven cooling in your home. Trying to seal off such air leaks into the house will enhance even cooling throughout your living space as you wait for a professional to diagnose the system and offer the right fix.

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Duct Sealing

In other cases, hot spots are caused by air leaks from the ductwork. Gaps and openings in the ductwork allow cool air to escape. As such, the rooms with broken or leaking ducts will not receive as much cool air as the other rooms. As such, the affected rooms will record higher room temperatures, as compared to other rooms in the home. An experienced air conditioning repair Huntington Beach, CA technician can identify such a leak in no time and seal it off to improve cooling in the affected rooms. However, you can try to seal off the leaking points that are easy to reach using a mastic sealant or a metallic tape to offer a temporary solution as you wait for a professional to fix your problem. An efficient duct system allows the HVAC system to distribute cool air more effectively, hence alleviating hot spots.

In addition to the above, certain malfunctions within the AC system can also lead to hot spots. Such malfunctions include a hard-starting compressor and coil problems. Having the wrong air conditioning system installed in your home can also lead to this problem. For a lasting remedy for this problem, you should hire our emergency air conditioning repair Huntington Beach, CA service to have our professionals inspect the unit and fix it. To schedule an appointment with our HVAC repair experts, get in touch with us today at (714) 894-6500.