How to Conduct Refrigeration Maintenance

How to Conduct Refrigeration Maintenance

Proper maintenance of refrigeration equipment is the next best thing after purchasing it. Apart from ensuring its efficient performance, maintenance of the equipment will ensure that it will be with you for years. Therefore, the company you contract for the refrigeration service will have a great impact on the benefits you get from the equipment.

Tighten Door Seals

Loose door seals allow air to move out of the refrigerator leading to higher electricity bills as the refrigerating equipment uses more energy to replace the lost cool air. To know whether the seals are loose, you can try using a dollar bill or any paper of corresponding width so that half of it is inside while the other half is outside. If you pull it out easily, it is time to think about repairing the seals.’

Defrost the Interior

Remove the food from the refrigerator when there is too much frost clings to the walls. Do not allow it to be more than a centimeter. Turn off the power system and allow the frost to melt away before turning it back on. Ensure that it hits the usual operating temperature before putting the food back in. However, if your refrigerator is a self-defrosting type, all you have to do is clean the pans in which the water from the melted frost drains to prevent growth of bacteria and odors.

Deodorize To Remove Odors

You don’t have to use baking soda to remove food odors. There are deodorizers specifically meant for refrigerators. The freshening effects for some of them can last for up to half a year.

Be Ready For Power Breakdown

Even when the power is off, your refrigerator can still keep food in fresh condition for about four hours. If full, a freezer will still keep food safe for 2 days. If half full, it will remain safe for a day. However, make sure that the doors are not opened. Therefore, be prepared to find alternative sources of food.

Remember, you can easily perform some of these tasks without having to enlist the help of a professional refrigeration service provider. However, some maintenance practices may need professional knowledge. Do not hesitate to get in touch with refrigeration maintenance experts from Stephan’s Home Comfort Services when you any question related to HVAC.