How to Prevent Costly HVAC Repairs With These Maintenance Tips

How to Prevent Costly HVAC Repairs With These Maintenance Tips

When a new HVAC system is installed a lot of money is invested. With each passing year, it starts growing old and can cost heavy on your pocket if not taken care of well. As we all know, like humans machinery needs a break too, for repairing purposes. Throughout the season HVAC units work day and night without stopping to offer you the quality of air to your family. Since it is an essential need to survive through harsh seasons it’s important to keep it well. Here are some steps that you can take to keep to prevent the HVAC repair costs.

1. Keep Filters Healthy  

It’s our basic right to breathe in the fresh air, if not outside but inside we can create that environment. Keeping a check on filters and changing them at regular intervals can lead to minimizing major future issues. Decreasing the need for repairs will improve the overall air quality of your place by running on the utmost efficiency. The interval can be scheduled every 60-90 days depending on the area you’re living in. Keep inspecting it if you feel that it is dirty and replace it without giving a second thought. 

  • If you have changed the filter recently then you can carefully wash it and clean it before putting it to do its job. The healthy air awaits once you’re done with the filter cleaning. There are different types of filters that come into the market. You can take a suggestion from your contractor. The filters that have the capacity to trap the smallest particles are usually not recommended as it will also hinder the flow of air. Hence the medium micron filter is recommended so that you get a pure indoor air-breathing quality.

2. Check-ups On Regular Intervals

As our body needs to be rectified at regular intervals in the same way your HVAC system also needs to be checked regularly to save yourself from a bigger loss. The professionals come and inspect first followed by tune-up for the optimum performance, after this the professional will ensure that the HVAC unit is delivering what it is expected from it. This maintenance will go further if the professional will find some kind of fault or something suspicious in the functioning cycle. Also, in summers refrigerant level is checked, the drain pipes are checked for blockages, the coils are checked. In winters the duct is cleaned, the flue pipe is checked, the safety norms are gone through. 

3. Take Control of the Thermostat

All the functioning of your HVAC system is controlled by the thermostat. The right settings on thermostats can save on your bills. A programmable thermostat takes care of you and your family when you need the heating most. The auto mode senses the drop in temperature and hence sends the command to the cycle and the heating starts to circulate. The electrical components of your HVAC system are very complex ones any fault in it can lead to an increase in utility bills.

The regular inspection by the professionals also keeps you shielded from the big costs. To save yourself from big losses regularly keep your HVAC units getting inspected. Stephan Home Comfort heating repair in Garden Grove, CA can be contacted at (714) 894-6500.