Make Your House Work for You and Increase Warmth Right in the Middle Of the winter

AC installation service in Fountain Valley CA

No matter how much you invest in a heating unit, there are certain things about your home that will counter the heat being produced to keep you warm. A lot of these things have to do with how old your house is and how much you prepared for the winter. If you find yourself right in the middle of the cold, and you house just isn’t helping when it comes to keeping the cold out, there are still some moves you can make to keep everyone warm.

1. Get your fireplace cleaned

The fireplace is, by design, an opening through which smoke leaves the house as the fire on the hearth keeps you warm. However, a lot of heat leaves along with the smoke, which is why many people have stopped putting them on altogether, save for romantic nights when they add to the scenery. If you intend to use the fireplace, have it cleaned and make sure you gather around to get as much of the warmth before it leaves.

2. Improve your insulation

The gaps under your doors, windows that don’t close all the way, all but a few of the sources from where heat leaves and cold air enters the house. During the day, you can make sure all the windows are closing tight and that the gaps below the door are sealed by insulation that connects with the base when the door is shut. Inside the ceiling, the insulation should have been beefed up before the winter, but even during you still can replace the padding. The difference between a properly insulated house and one that is not is too big for you not to get an AC installation service in Fountain Valley CA to come and look at any improvement they can suggest.

3. An electric heater

Although they take a lot more from your wallet, electric heaters are great for that focused heating requirement. When you notice a room that thinks it is the North Pole (every house has one), supplement to the little difference that the heating unit is making by adding an electric heating unit to radiate more heat when required.

4. Smart windows

The cold can seep through glass when the temperature gradient between your house and the outside is too steep, but that can be stopped by installing glass panes engineered to keep the cold out. Ask companies doing AC installation service in Fountain Valley CA of the best option for you and keep the heat in the house longer even after you turn the heating off.

AC installation service in Fountain Valley CA

5. Thermostats and other sensors

Even when you have the heating working perfectly, and the house is sealed from the cold outside, there are accessories that can make it more comfortable. Thermostats can make the heating turn off when you are not in the house, making sure you are only paying for the heating you need. If you feel that you are spending too much on the heating, having a thermostat can cut the bill by a large margin and still keep the house warm when you need the heat. Call (714) 894.6500 to see what type of thermostat works best for your house and start experiencing better heating services.