Orange County Professionals Heater Installation Orange County, CA

Orange County Professionals Heater Installation Orange County, CA

Stephan Home Comfort, founded by Hung Nguyen in 1988, is a family-owned and operated business. The business was formed as a means of providing a life for Hung’s family while making significant contributions to the lives of other families in the community. We are committed to assisting our customers to find their ultimate comfort zone and we have been doing so for the community in Orange County, CA for the past 25 years. Over the years we have expanded our business and explored every avenue relating to the heating and cooling industry, in an effort to provide the best service available to our customers.

Why Choose Us

At Stephan Home Comfort, we recognize the importance of keeping your family comfortable and creating a clean environment in which they can enjoy life. We are a completely environmentally friendly company and will always ensure your indoor air is of the greatest quality. Being a family man himself, Hung understands the plight.

With Stephan Home Comfort you can be guaranteed that your family is always put first, after all, you are part of our extended family and we value and treasure our family members come rain or shine.

We are fully licensed within the state in which we operate and have the seal of approval required. We are an authorized dealer for Day and Night products and have negotiated quick deliveries on parts which enable us to keep our fast turnaround times and uphold the promise we make to our customers.

Heater Installations

Our installations are clean and competent. Our skilled technicians will evaluate your home and advise on a suitable system. Most homes favor the traditional HVAC system, but we are aware that there are circumstances where specialized units are required and we are equipped to cater for these needs.

We have forged a reputation for ourselves for our heater installation in Orange County, CA and that is a reputation that we intend on growing and developing and one which we are exceptionally proud of.

The personal touch of a family business makes all the difference to service excellence.

Call Stephan Home Comfort. The family touch that you just can’t beat. Stephan Home Comfort (714) 894-6500.