Pick The Right Filters To Get Rid Of Allergies In The Home Now

Pick The Right Filters To Get Rid Of Allergies In The Home Now

Pick The Right Filters To Get Rid Of Allergies In The Home Now

“I’m sick of the constant headaches, the tossing and turning through sleepless nights, and the drag on my energy. I’m a parent and I work full-time, I need a change and I need it now!”

Allergies affect one third of the world’s population

Allergies affect one in every three people worldwide. It’s an epidemic that drags on our happiness and productivity, sometimes without us even realizing it’s the cause. When you or someone in your home suffers from allergies, just the smallest change can make a difference. Even if you aren’t aware of an allergy, you can improve your home air quality. Give your family the benefits of clean air and optimal health at home with these tips brought to you by Stephan Home Comfort.

The other issue is air quality indoors

Besides allergies causing respiratory problems, chemicals in the air at home are another issue.
The Environmental Protection Agency estimates up to 72% of a person’s exposure to harsh chemicals actually happens while their at home. Your home should be a place to feel safe. It’s where a seasonal allergy sufferer wants to be able to slip away from the pollens and find refuge. That was the bad news, the good news is you can take steps to do something about it.

Chose the right contractor for your AC installation service in Fountain Valley, CA

  • Stop contaminants from spreading through your ductwork: If it’s time for a new AC, pick a contractor with experience improving home air quality. We’ll help by inspecting your ductwork for mold, dust, and pollens that could be gathering inside or leaking out through small tears or loose areas.
  • Get the correct filters for your family’s needs: Have pets? Does someone smoke? Allergy sufferers? We’ll help you fit the right filter to your AC. From synthetic pleated filters to advanced HEPA filters, we know which ones will get you more results than your standard model. By choosing a better filter, you not only increase the lifespan of your furnace, but you actually improve the air quality in your home by getting more impurities out. Change your filter often so your filter can keep working. We’ll help you determine the right time. It’s generally anywhere from one to three months.
  • Control the moisture in your home: Your AC should remove the right amount of humidity from the air. If you have a moist basement or attic, mold and mildew can grow causing respiratory issues. Check it out and use a dehumidifier in these areas if they seem damp. If your AC is over 10 years old, it may have trouble removing enough humidity from the home, making you more vulnerable to allergens. Consider replacement if you have concerns.
  • Limit smoking to the outdoors: Smoking in the house is hard to get rid of, even with a good filter. By taking cigarettes outside, you’ll reduce tar on the walls and chemicals in the air.
  • Keep floors clean: Cleaning floors reduces the contaminants in your home. Sweep and vacuum at least once a week. Mop and dust with a wet rag at least once every two weeks. When you clean, avoid harsh cleaners that add chemicals to the air. Use natural products or make your own cleaners with dish soap, vinegar, and essential oils.

If you want expert help improving air quality or making your home safer for allergy sufferers, call Stephan Home Comfort. We are your local source for AC installation service in Fountain Valley, CA. Get help now by calling today at (714) 894-6500.