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Professional HVAC Services from Stephan’s Home Comfort Services

Stephan’s Home Comfort Services has been in the HVAC business for the last 25 years. We specialize in all things to do with heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Our products are of superior quality and we even go the extra mile by providing products and equipment that reduces our carbon footprint on the earth.

People cannot seem to live without air conditioning units. This is why you find these units in homes, offices and cars. They are also found in various public places that are frequented by large masses to people. These units keep the air temperature cool and comfortable and reduce humidity even on the hottest summer days. It makes sense that you would need to perform a certain degree of upkeep on it to make sure it works just as well in the future as when you last bought it. Preventative maintenance is one of the best things that you can do for your AC unit.

AC Installation Service Fountain Valley CA

We provide qualified and licensed technicians to install your AC unit. The risks of using professionals that are not licensed or insured could far outweigh the benefits of saving a few extra dollars on the price of installation. So to be on the safe side, only deal with a company like ours that is licensed, insured and even bonded. Also note that each technician that is sent to your door is an employee of ours. Background checks are done, driving tests and reports are requested and HVAC assessments have to be passed for anyone to become an employee with us. Also take comfort in the fact that your call will also be answered by a real live person at any part of the day or night. This is why our company is considered the first choice when it comes to customer service excellence.



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