Residential HVAC For Southern California

Residential HVAC For Southern California

Temperatures in the northern and southern hemispheres are usually extremely low. In states like California, however, temperatures are usually higher especially during Summer. During this season, residential air conditioning systems normally work overtime to cool indoor spaces. During Winter, temperatures can also drop to uncomfortable levels, hence the need for an efficient heating system. Residential HVAC for Southern California must be able to maintain a comfortable indoor environment during the two extreme weather conditions. Stephan’s Home Comfort Services is a family-owned and operated HVAC company which specializes in home comfort.

Southern California Residential HVAC Installation

The company offers design and installation services for different types of residential heating and cooling systems. They range from central heating and cooling to mini-split AC systems and heat pumps among other types of residential HVAC systems. The installation process usually starts with understanding of the client’s heating and cooling needs. This is done by measuring the indoor space and types of appliances installed at home. The number of occupants in the home is also taken into consideration. Once the space inside the house is measured, heating and cooling systems which can keep the home comfortable at all times are identified. What follows is installation. The firm has managers who can help clients get rebates and tax incentives to reduce the HVAC installation cost.

Residential HVAC for Southern California

Residential HVAC systems must be serviced on a regular basis to improve indoor air quality and comfort at home. This is achieved through replacement of old air filters and cleaning of air ducts. Lubrication of moving parts, on the other hand can help to reduce both noise and friction. This may increase the lifespan of the HVAC system and reduce the frequency of breakdowns. Stephan’s Home Comfort Services offers all types of HVAC services, so be sure to call them whenever you have a problem in your Southern California home.