This company is great!I have a small business and we had a older air conditioner that just was not cooling our guest off. I had several bids to completely revamp the system they all came in much higher and we're not offering all the modifications we needed. This team not only beat the other bids but did incredible work and the air feels great! Highly recommend them!

- Jonathan T.

Great and reliable service. My AC unit shut down in the morning... By 5 pm they were at my house. Yes my unit is old but they said it might be able to last thru the summer with this current repair.

- J D.

So Hung was right. First day of fall, my AC died and unrepairable. We had unforgivable heat all week long and with a 3 story home and 2 young kids, I was practically on my knees begging for help. So who was able to get me a new unit installed on the same day while other vendors told me, "I can't see you until 2 weeks from now"? Hung and his wonderful team! They put up with my demands and got it done and by 7pm that night, the whole nightmare of a broken AC unit was just a dream. Thanks again Hung, Stephen, and Paul. Great work!

- M D.

It took me 5 years to get A/C in my rental unit. I shopped around for many quotes and even got a quote from Costco. All the other companies sales reps were pretty ruthless and at times were worst than bill collectors trying to hustle me to buy from them. Even the Costco's third party rep was pretty bad and provided me my worst experience ever. I finally used Yelp and found Stephan's Home Comfort. A sales rep by the name of Paul came out and was very easy to work with and I did not feel any pressure or used car salesman tactics from him. I felt that he was very genuine and easy to work with. He gave me a quote for a new HVAC Unit, Furnace and ducts and gave me one great price which was better than the 8 quotes I received. If there was a 6th star on Yelp then I would totally give them one as they superb customer service.

- Paul R.