Superior Service Providers, Orange County Professionals

Superior Service Providers, Orange County Professionals

Stephan Home Comfort, the name synonymous with family and personal service. Supplying their extended family in Orange County, CA and surrounding areas with amazing service since 1988. Enriching the lives of others, one day at a time.

Why Choose Us

At Stephan Home Comfort, we offer professional service and personalized attention that no other can provide.

Our staff are carefully evaluated and selected as part of our Stephan’s family on the merit of their qualifications, experience, and dedication to providing the level of service our customers warrant.

We are an environmentally friendly company. We care about the Earth and providing a future for our children and yours. Our products ensure that your indoor air quality will be of the highest quality. Our fast and efficient service and guaranteed turnaround times are reason enough to select us as your service provider of choice. With the rising cost of living, an affordable price is something that we strive to offer our customers. Everyone deserves a comfortable environment and we try to make that attainable for everybody.

We work hard so that our customers trust us with their families.


We are the professionals and the only name to call for installations, repairs or maintenance to your heating or cooling system. We service customers in the residential and commercial sectors. Every customer is treated equally and fairly and we value each the same way.

We offer a variety of services, as diverse as the trade in which we work, and we guarantee quality no matter what we are called to assist you with.

Residential and commercial installations, HVAC, air conditioner and heater service Orange County, CA, air treatment systems, air filtration systems, humidifiers, water filters, and tankless water heaters are all part of our extensive range of expertise.

The correct filtration system and regular service to your equipment can greatly improve the health of your family members and reduce the risk of allergies, asthma and related symptoms.

Call Stephan Home Comfort. Make your family’s health a priority. Stephan Home Comfort (714) 894-6500.