What Happens During A Heater Tune-up?

What Happens During A Heater Tune-up?

You have probably heard that your heater needs to be checked on an annual basis in order to operate efficiently for as long as possible. When you live in CA, you don’t use your heater as much as those in other parts of the country and you might wonder what the tune-up does for it. Here are a few items an annual tune-up includes.


When your heater is having a tune-up, the professional technician will give it a full inspection. That will start with the exterior of the heater and move to interior parts. You can inspect some items on your heater, but unless you have knowledge in the area, there are some items you don’t know anything about.


The furnace will also receive a full cleaning during a tune-up. The professional will put in a new filter, but they will also do things like get rid of dust that has accumulated on the outside. The inside will be freed from debris as well so the heater can work effectively without getting clogged by dust and other items.


If there is anything that needs to be repaired during the tune-up, the technician can take care of that as well. When small issues are caught early, they are easy to fix. If left unattended, they can become much larger problems. The small repairs during the tune-up save you money later.

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