What To Do If Your Water Heater Is Leaking?

What To Do If Your Water Heater Is Leaking?

Heaters are essential appliances in your home, without which there would be an obstacle in everyday activities. Water heaters help avoid the unpleasant situation of using cold water in cold temperatures. A leakage from a water heater is difficult to notice for many reasons. If you find out that your water heater is indeed leaking, check out the solutions given for some common causes. Firstly, find out the reason why your water heater is leaking. 

Some of the common causes of water leakage from heaters are:-


  • Machine Aging

Machines tend to deteriorate over time due to a lack of maintenance. Generally, water heaters are durable and can last for more than ten years without maintenance. However, ten years can pass by without you having track of time. In such cases, you can call HVAC services providing water heater repair in Garden Grove, CA, to repair your heater.

  • Damaged Drain Valve 

You will find the trough valve at the base of the heater. The drain valve drains the heater of any sediment deposited inside. Drain valves can get damaged due to the buildup of residue. The simplest way to fix a leaky drain valve is by tightening its knob. If this method doesn’t work, the drain valve is damaged. You’ll need to call repair services to fix the valve. 

  • The Temperature And Pressure Relief Valve 

The temperature or pressure relief valve can cause leaks if the pressure or temperature of the water is too high. It works by releasing water if the pressure is too high. An inspection from an expert would be the best solution in such cases. 

  • Inlets And Outlets

The inlet means the entrance of cold water, and the outlet means the exit of hot water. The inlet and outlet are connected to pipes for transferring water. These areas are prone to water leakages and damage. You can fix the leakages in these areas by tightening them with a wrench.

  • Damaged Water Tank 

If there is a problem with your water tank, it will be easily distinguishable because there will be flooding. A water tank can get damaged over time. The buildup of minerals inside the tank causes cracks and holes to form. It is impossible to fix a damaged tank. If the water tank gets damaged, you will have to replace your entire heating system.

What should your first steps be when you detect that your water heater is leaking?


These are some of the basic guidelines one must follow before calling professionals for HVAC repair in Garden Grove, CA.

  • Check For The Source Of The Leak 

Firstly, check if the leak is indeed from the water heater. Once you have determined that the water heater is the cause of the leak, find out the exact leakage spot. Then, clean the leak, dry the heater and check the following day again for leakage. This process can help you in detecting the exact source of leakage. 

  • Turn Off Your Power Supply And Drain The Tank 

It should be easy if you have a gas furnace. You can flip the switch for a gas supply somewhere on or near the water heater. If you have an electric heater, search for the circuit breaker box near the fuse. Switch off the breaker that provides electricity to your heater. Drain your tank once the power supply is cut off.

  • Turn Off The Water Supply

Once the tank is drained, you can locate the water inlet above the heater. Then, turn the knob towards the close position to prevent further leakage. If the valve is too tight or it isn’t easy to reach, you can stop the water supply to your whole house for the time being. Call an expert if you need assistance with closing the water supply.

After you’re done with these steps, you can address the problem. If loose knobs are causing the leak, you can fix it yourself by tightening it. However, it is best to call professionals to thoroughly inspect and repair the water heater. If too many problems are found with the heater, it’s best to invest in a new water heating system for your home. 

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