When Is It Better To Repair Instead Of Replace Your AC Unit?

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When Is It Better To Repair Instead Of Replace Your AC Unit?

air conditioning repair in Fountain Valley, CA

Many typical problems you’re having with your air conditioning unit can thankfully be repaired with a few simple tweaks or a new part. How do you know though when you need to have it replaced instead? Most of the time it’ll be because the unit has gotten too old, and just can’t cool your entire home as efficiently as before. In fact if your air conditioner is around 8 years old, it’s probably better to look for a new unit if it’s constantly breaking down. However if you’re in need of air conditioning repair in Fountain Valley, CA, then here’s how we can help.

Typical Repairs & Costs

If you’re unit has common problems like a lack of cool air coming out, it makes strange noises, or maybe it even smells weird, then you should have a technician come and take a look. Then there’s a wide variety of problems like refrigerant leaks, replacements of fuses or circuit boards, troubleshooting the evaporator coil, or just removing debris that has caked up inside of your system or ductwork. The average costs of getting a repair done range from as little as $75 to as much as $500, but the costs can go above that amount too. No matter what problems you’re having with your unit, our team has the experience and training to get your air conditioning working efficiently yet again.

air conditioning repair in Fountain Valley, CA

What to Look For Specifically In a New Unit?

The main thing you need to look for if you’ve decided to replace your unit is to find one that meets the newest energy standards. One such standard is the “Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio” which measures how much energy your unit needs to cool a home. You want to find a unit that’s at least 13 SEER as it used to be just 10 SEER. This new standard means that any unit you buy will use at least 30% less energy to cool the same space as an older unit with a lesser rating.

You can also look to find a unit with an even higher SEER rating, and a technician can help you find out if it’s worth the added cost. The other thing you’ll want to have done before choosing a new unit is to have a load calculation done. What this report will help you and the technician figure out is how big of a system you’ll need to cool your home. The amount of windows you have, the configuration of your attic, and the condition of your insulation is a few factors that this load calculation will compute.

Why You Should Have A Professional Stop By Right Now?

If you’re still unsure whether you need to replace your unit or have air conditioning repair in Fountain Valley, CA done, then please consider having someone from Stephan Home Comfort inspect your home. We will deal with the inspections and tests needed to see what repairs may need to be done, and we can recommend an efficient unit for you that’s right for your home. Please call us at 714-894-6500 if you’d like to receive our help!



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