Why Install Mini-split Air Conditioner Systems?

Why Install Mini-split Air Conditioner Systems?

Installations for new homes should be planned carefully. There are a lot of things that need to be considered in order to come up with the most suitable solution. For instance, the type of AC that would be ideal for one place may not be the same for another. Mini-split air conditioner systems are becoming incredibly popular in residential applications because of the following benefits. See if it also aligns with your needs.

Low Noise Pollution

The name comes from the split of the main components into two: the interior unit which houses the air handler and the exterior unit which has the condenser. The latter is responsible for generating the loud noise which periodically pops up in monolithic window systems. People may have trouble sleeping because of the sound. By separating the two and keep the problematic part outside, the room can enjoy peace and quiet throughout the night.

Space-saving Design

The air handler portion is very small. It has a footprint that is only several inches in width and perhaps two feet in length. Thickness is not an issue either as the unit truly hugs the wall. This design makes it easy to install this part inside the room. The space it will take up is so tiny that there will be plenty left for artworks, picture frames, clocks, bookshelves, and other décor.

Ease of Installation

Mini-split air conditioner systems are among the easiest to install. It does not require the creation of a large hole on the perimeter wall, unlike window units. Only a small tube needs to pass through the wall coming from the condenser to the air handler. This can readily be accommodated by an open window or some other passage. The aesthetics of the exterior will not be compromised as the tube can be hidden away without much effort.