Why Proper Heater Maintenance Is A Money Saver?

Why Proper Heater Maintenance Is A Money Saver?

Why Proper Heater Maintenance Is A Money Saver?

Heating and cooling systems will contribute to a large portion of the energy bills of a household, so anything a homeowner can do to make a heating system more energy-efficient can have a substantial impact on energy costs. In this regard, correct maintenance is highly recommended. Apart from saving on utility bills, proper maintenance can also lengthen the lifetime of your equipment. The staff at Stephan Home Comfort are ready to quickly assist you, regarding any questions about heater repair and heater maintenance in Garden Grove CA. We are a company with years of experience and can cover your maintenance needs for all brands and types of HVAC heating system.

Identifying problems before they turn into more serious issues

Lack of maintenance can ultimately lead to a total and sudden breakdown, which will more than likely cost you more than any maintenance plan would have done. Identifying minor issues before they become major ones will save money, stress and potential downtime. A small crack or leak that is allowed to go unnoticed, or worn or misaligned parts not tended to, can put stress on other components of a system, which, in time, can cause several components to break down simultaneously. This can result in a period of downtime while waiting for repairs to be completed, or for spare parts to arrive. In the worst case, the only option might be to replace the entire system do to the general failure of your system.

Lowering utility bills by optimizing performance

As a heating system is used over time, it will generally become less energy efficient, and can ultimately lead to sudden surges in energy use. Regular maintenance can counter this, and at the same time extend the lifetime of your heating system. Also, monitoring energy use can be helpful in tracking the energy requirements of the system over time. Any time a substantial increase in energy usage is detected, one should address the issue.

A qualified technician can provide general information on which settings to use in which conditions, in order for the system to run as economically as possible. In addition, the technician can provide guidance as to how long your current system is likely to last, as well as offering information about which system might best suit your needs when the time comes to replace the system you currently have.

Why Proper Heater Maintenance Is A Money Saver?

How is a heating system maintained?

Maintenance of a heating system involves the following activities:

  • Replacing filters: How often this should be done depends on the type of system, and the type of filter used
  • Visual inspections: This includes identifying cracks and leaks, frozen coils, dirty condenser or evaporator coils, worn or misaligned parts, clogged pipes, etc.
  • Cleaning and lubrication: This should be done regularly to reduce wear, and debris buildup
  • Measuring pressure levels and voltage levels
  • Repairs and tuning
  • Replacing defective components
  • Testing general functionality

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