10 Reasons You Need An Emergency Water Heater Repair

10 Reasons You Need An Emergency Water Heater Repair

The water heater and heating system provide relief and a convenient environment in the winter season. However, taking care of and maintaining the heating system is essential because it may develop repair-related problems due to improper maintenance. 

The repair issue may escalate into an emergency, and the water heater may stop functioning until the water heater repair technician takes a look. 

10 Alarming Signs That Your Water Heater Needs Emergency Repair Service

Here are some signs that indicate your water heater needs technician assistance:

Water is Dripping From the Water Heater Unit

You should never take water leakage from the water heating system lightly. It can be unsafe as the water can go inside the electrical connections, and you know the consequences. You may get an electrical shock when you touch the switch. Water leakage problems can be due to loose bolts, issues in the cold and hot water connections, or a damaged drain valve.

Strange Sounds Coming From the Water Heater

Strange sounds from the water heating system mean there is an issue in the inner system of the water heating unit. A rumbling noise may indicate sediment build-up, and a screeching sound may indicate loose valves in the tank. It is necessary to call the water heater repair in Garden Grove, CA because these noises will increase and disturb the entire household environment.

Low-Pressure Water Coming From the Tap

It is not a major issue, but can be very frustrating when low-pressure water comes from the tap. It is due to the mineral deposits and sediment build-up in the pipes due to hard water. These particles obstruct the path and reduce the pressure of the water flowing from the pipes.

Rusty Water

If the water flowing through the pipe is rusty in color, then there is corrosion in the tank. Corrosion is a chemical process with the metal surface when excess moisture is present in the air. According to the heating service in Garden Grove, CA, scraping away the rust is never a good idea, and replacing the water heater is the only solution.

Warm Water Finishes Quickly

When the cold water replaces the warm water after keeping the warm water tap on for a few minutes, there is an issue with the ignition system of the heater. It may be due to loose electrical connections, so you need a technician to find the fault in the system.

The Water Heater Shuts Down Automatically

If you find that your water heater shuts down automatically, there may be some issues with the components that are drawing and consuming additional electricity. You need a technician whenever you switch on the water heater and the circuit breaker switch trips down.

Old Water Heater

Water heaters are manufactured to work seamlessly and efficiently in your household for 8-10 years. However, after eight years of working, it is essential to get it inspected by the technician to ensure it is up to date. Old water heaters tend to develop more complex issues with time.

Discolored Water

If cloudy or dusty water comes from the tap, you need to drain the water inside the tank and clean the tank to remove the excess sediments.

Strange Odor Coming From the Warm Water

The odor from the water is an unusual phenomenon, which means bacteria are growing inside the water heating system. Bacteria or mold may grow in a humid environment, and you need a technician to fix the issue.

Fluctuations in the Water Temperatures

There are fluctuations in water temperatures coming from the tap. Sometimes, the water is lukewarm, and sometimes it is cold. It can be due to several reasons, and it is essential to call the technician to inspect it to find the fault in the system.

It is always better to call a furnace repair near you to address the problems affecting your home comfort. An expert will quickly inspect the system and provide apt solutions to fix the issues. Moreover, the expert will give you tips to prevent the issue and provide proper guidance about what to do next.

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