11 Ways To Get Better HVAC Energy Efficiency

11 Ways To Get Better HVAC Energy Efficiency

Everyone needs an HVAC system that is energy efficient. According to our heating repair experts, an inefficient system indicates you need to call the technician for maintenance and inspection. When you run the system after a long break, it needs cleaning and tune-up service to restore its functioning.

The dust accumulates over the HVAC system components, and the machinery gets stuck due to sitting ideally for a long time. Tune-up and maintenance are all required to bring back the HVAC system’s efficiency and performance.

You might see a fall in efficiency in the peak season due to excessive use of the HVAC system. Our experts of HVAC repair in Garden Grove, CA, have some tips for preserving and maintaining the system’s efficiency for the entire season!

11 Methods to get Better HVAC Energy Efficiency

Here are some tips you can include in your household regime to maintain comfort in your household in extreme temperatures.


Retrofitting is where you replace essential HVAC components to enhance efficiency and maintain comfort in your home without replacing the entire HVAC unit. It is beneficial when fixing an old unit or moving to a new place for a few months. As per the Department Of Energy, you can save around 35% of energy bills by replacing the old components.

Invest in a Smart Thermostat

Programmable or smart thermostats have a feature that helps you store your preferred settings in the device. Investing in a smart thermostat is better if you forget to switch off the HVAC system when leaving the room. The automated thermostat will lower the temperature if you are out for a while to maintain the cooling.

A High SEER or AFUE Rating System

Ensure you buy a highly energy-efficient system if you are searching for furnace repair near me to replace the HVAC system. It is better to buy an air conditioning system with more than 14 SEER ratings and a furnace system with an AFUE rating between 90 – 98.5.

Keep an Eye on the Insulation

The insulation layer over the refrigeration pipes and duct system locks the energy and ensures no heat loss. However, with time and changes in temperature, the insulation layer wears down. That’s why it is necessary to keep an eye on the insulation and call in the technician whenever you see it deteriorating.

Ensure no Obstructions in the Airflow

Our HVAC repair experts, recommend keeping the surroundings of the outdoor HVAC unit neat and clean. It ensures that tiny objects and foliage can enter the HVAC system and obstruct the airway. Sometimes, it can damage the HVAC components, like the blower fan.

Moreover, ensure that no furniture covers the air vents and restricts the airflow. It will also end up increasing the utility bills.

Annual Maintenance Service

Annual maintenance includes cleaning and inspecting the system for any repairs. Our heating repair in Garden Grove lubricates the mechanical components so that the components can work smoothly and efficiently. Your system runs efficiently when nothing restricts the HVAC functioning.

Clean the Thermostat

Clean the thermostat to ensure it runs appropriately. If the thermostat detects the false room temperature, the heating system might run inefficiently.

Cleaning or Replacing Filters

Replace the air filter and clean the condenser coils to ensure dust does not accumulate on the surface.

Reduce Energy Costs

Reduce the use of heating appliances in the summer season so there is less heat in the room. Cut on energy costs by switching off other electrical appliances.

Compare Power Bills

Compare the electricity bills from the previous and present year to ensure there is no bill hike. Call our technician when looking for HVAC companies near me if you notice a hike.

Scheduling Regular Tune-Ups

Call our technician if you notice an irregularity in the HVAC system’s functioning.


Your HVAC system will run efficiently if it is well maintained. Dust results in increased energy bills. That’s why you should call the maintenance service at the beginning of the season to ensure the HVAC system delivers the best services without increasing the utility bills.

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