9 Risks Of Ignoring Furnace Maintenance

9 Risks Of Ignoring Furnace Maintenance

Most furnace owners know the importance of annual maintenance and servicing, but not all furnace owners pay close attention. You are responsible for contacting heating services technicians for the annual maintenance of your furnace. 

One of the common reasons why a furnace malfunctions during the winter season is a lack of maintenance and servicing. However, this is not the only problem you may face when your furnace works.

9 Risks of Ignoring Timely Furnace Maintenance

Here are some of the problems your furnace may create if you do not maintain its regular servicing schedule and do not book regular repair appointments:

Unexpected Breakdowns

Can you imagine the frustration you will feel when your furnace suddenly stops working in the middle of the night? If you want to avoid this type of situation, ensure you contact your technician to service your furnace.

Annual maintenance schedules ensure that your furnace’s parts are in their best condition. Moreover, annual maintenance also involves fixing minor problems with your furnace.

Ice on Pipes

As you know, temperature decreases during the winter season, and one of its side effects is ice formation on the pipes. You may think there is no connection between an inefficient furnace and ice on the pipes, but there is.

If your furnace is inefficient, it will not warm your place properly, and the temperature will decrease to the point where ice forms on the pipes. Ice on pipes leads to pipe bursting, which can put the whole pipeline network of your home at risk.

Less Efficiency

If your furnace needs a repair job, its efficiency will decrease as the system needs fully-repaired parts to work. If you continue to delay contacting a technician for furnace repair near you, its efficiency will decrease rapidly. For a comfortable home, you should not delay the repair work needed for your furnace.

Higher Energy Bills

If you think about it, the inefficiency of your furnace will affect your energy bills directly. An inefficient furnace works for extra hours to maintain a warm temperature.

This extra work will increase the energy consumption in your home, and your energy bills will rise. If you want your energy bills to stay constant this winter season, ensure you contact your technician timely for repair work and annual maintenance.

Decreased Lifespan

The average lifespan of a furnace is from eight to fifteen years. However, if you do not take proper care, it may stop working before it reaches eight years.

The furnaces that have worked efficiently for more than fifteen years have received timely maintenance schedules from professional technicians. To receive maximum benefits from your furnace, maintain a regular servicing schedule.

Too Many Repairs

If you think you can save money by avoiding the maintenance schedule of your furnace, you are wrong. A furnace that does not receive annual maintenance before the beginning of the winter season needs more repairs.

The minor problems you may have noticed at the beginning of the season have become complex leading to the requirement of urgent furnace repairs in Garden Grove from a skilled technician.

Unsafe for Use

A furnace is an HVAC appliance with numerous wires and components that use electricity to work. Annual maintenance ensures that all these parts are in their best condition and will have no problem this season.

However, without the maintenance schedule, these parts will continue to face wear and tear damage. This continuous damage may lead to safety threats like fire hazards.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

The main purpose of a furnace is to warm your home, and its second purpose is to maintain high indoor air quality levels. The absence of regular maintenance schedules and repair jobs will lead to poor warming of your home.

Moreover, it will also decrease your indoor air quality. You may face seasonal allergies and breathing problems if you do not maintain your furnace timely.

Carbon Monoxide Leaks

Carbon monoxide is a by-product of combustion in your furnace and collects in a separate chamber. The chamber that stores carbon monoxide may face damage during the summer season.


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