Furnace Repairs: The Guide To Handling Furnace Issues

Furnace Repairs: The Guide To Handling Furnace Issues

Your furnace is the device that provides heat to your home. As it is a mechanical device, it will deteriorate over time. Your furnace could malfunction due to various issues. At times like these, you might want to call an expert technician to repair your furnace. Before you call for a furnace repair in Garden Grove, check the following points that might solve your problem.

Some checks you can do yourself

  • Check your thermostat. Make sure that it is set to heating mode.
  • Check your switches and connections. Your switches must be turned on and connected correctly.
  • Check your ducts and vents. There mustn’t be any blockage.
  • Check the circuit breaker. Often due to heavy load, it trips and breaks the circuit.
  • Check the pilot light. It must be a uniform blue color.

When you have carefully checked all the points mentioned above, you should try starting your furnace again. If your problem is solved, that’s great. If you cannot fix the problem yourself and it is still making you uncomfortable, you might need to call for a repair. Do check these common furnace issues you might face and take the recommended approach.

Some common furnace issues and their solutions

  • Noisy Furnace: If your furnace is making noises that aren’t expected, there might be some misaligned components or loose screws. If you have some prior experience, you can repair it yourself.
  • Cold Spots Left in your Home: If your furnace isn’t able to heat every corner of your house, it might require repair. Contact an HVAC technician to handle the problem.
  • Pilot Light is Colored Yellow: A yellow-colored pilot light signifies a carbon monoxide leak. Shut down your furnace and contact an HVAC technician immediately. Carbon monoxide can prove lethal if inhaled in excess volumes. You might need a replacement if your furnace is beyond repair.
  • Increased Energy Bills: If you see an unexpected increase in your energy bills, your furnace might be the reason. You can try to reach an HVAC professional so he can recognize the problem and resolve it. 
  • You Smell a Sulphuric Odor: If you smell a sulphuric odor in your house, it might be caused due to improper fuel utilization. Call an expert to get it repaired at the earliest. Don’t worry if you smell odor for 2-3 days after a new furnace installation. It is usually the dust and dirt getting burned.
  • Bad Air Quality: If you feel the air inside your house is dry, call a professional to diagnose the problem. Your furnace might need repair. If you are facing respiratory issues, get your furnace repaired.

Some useful tips to prevent expensive furnace repairs

  • Don’t keep your furnace running for long durations: You should try to turn the furnace off and let it cool down for a while when it gets too hot.
  • Clean the air filter twice every week: Get it replaced every three months.
  • Subscribe for a yearly maintenance plan from your trusted HVAC company.
  • Get your furnace serviced before the start of every winter season.

If you are unsure about the issue with your furnace, don’t try to repair it yourself. You might worsen the problem by mistake. If you know the solution but are uncomfortable while implementing it, call your trusted HVAC professional to do it. Always keep your safety in mind. 

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