Risks Of Attempting DIY Furnace Repair

Risks Of Attempting DIY Furnace Repair

With so many interesting easy to do DIY videos and instructions out there, one can see how the idea of repairing your furnace to save some money might sound tempting. But one needs to keep in mind the risks that you are putting yourself and your family in. Here are a few things you might consider before performing a DIY.

Fire Hazards

Your furnace or any other heating system is the main source of heat energy for your house. It depends on a combination of heating elements to help heat your house, which means it comes with a possibility of fire hazards. If you attempt to repair your furnace by yourself and make a mistake, you are putting your home and your loved ones at the risk of fire.

Even a small error could lead to disastrous outcomes. Improperly installed parts can lead to gas leaks, or a short circuit and cause a fire or an explosion. On top of everything, a certified technician keeps an eye out for issues you might miss.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Saying that Carbon Monoxide poisoning is a serious issue would be an understatement. Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas. You won’t even notice that there was a leakage until you start feeling the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. Improper repair of your furnace and poor installments of gas lines can leak the gas into your house. Technicians are trained to look out for such problems, they can protect your house from carbon monoxide leaks.

The Small DIY Repair Might Damage your Appliance

Furnace or any other heating systems are known for their intricate design. They are a complex combination of components and the working of these components is not easy to understand. While trying to diagnose and DIY the repair you might cause serious damage to your furnace that might be significantly bigger and costlier than the original issue. You might also have to replace your heater.

Voided Warranties

HVAC comes with a warranty. If your furnace is still covered by a warranty, attempting to repair the problems yourself might lead to void the warranty. Warranties come with conditions implying that if any problem, repair should be made by a certified technician. While facing a bigger and costlier problem in the future you might have to pay the expenses out of your own pocket.

Insurance Policy

Calling for seasonal HVAC professionals for any maintenance and repair not only safeguards your warranty but also shows that your HVAC system was properly handled and maintained by professionals. While applying for Homeowners Insurance you might have to submit the warranty claim. Performing DIY might create issues for your applications.

In fact, if you already have homeowner’s insurance, and your house catches fire, they might ask you for receipts of proper HVAC services. If you don’t have them because you made the repairs yourself, you might lose the insurance.

It is better not to endanger yourself and your loved ones when there are professionals out there trained to deal with your problems. Stephan’s Home Comfort Services known for its furnace repair in Garden Grove since 1988. With our team of top certified and professionally trained technicians, we promise to deliver the best furnace repair in Garden Grove, to you and your loved ones.