When Should You Get Heating and Air Conditioning Repair?

When Should You Get Heating and Air Conditioning Repair?

With the sun breaking through the fog, trees blooming with flowers, and the mercury rising day by day, it is time to bring your air conditioner out of hibernation and make sure the device remains ready for the warmer days ahead. Calling professionals for your air conditioner and heating repair in Garden Grove can help your HVAC device run efficiently in extreme weather without demanding costly repairs or replacement. 

When Is The Ideal Time Of Year To Service Your Air Conditioner?

Homeowners must call experts for their air conditioning service once a year. According to experts (the same goes for heating). Also, while spring is the best season to schedule an AC maintenance service, you can do it anytime during the year to keep your air conditioner performing optimally.  

How To Service Your Air Conditioning Device On Your Own?

Here are some ways to maintain an air conditioning device. 

  • Replace The Air Filters

Changing or cleaning the air filters is one of the most effortless ways to keep your unit in good working order, whether a critical HVAC system or a mini-split air conditioner. Fortunately, this quick and simple air conditioning maintenance task does not necessitate the services of a professional. 

Identify your unit’s filter pocket, slide out the old air filters, and replace them, taking note of the airflow direction and which part of the filter needs to face out. You can refer to the manufacturer specifications for the proper filter size and stages for replacing the filter.

Also, do you know which type to get and how frequently you should change your air filter? In general, the air filters in your air conditioning device should get replaced every three months.

If you have pets, you should replace the filter at least once a month and consider purchasing a strainer with a higher rating—the greater the percentage, the better the filter. The same is true if you have family members who are allergic to dust and other allergens.

  • Perform Some Deep Cleaning

Now that you’ve cleaned or changed the air filters, it’s time to cross a few more objects off your DIY AC upkeep list. First, ensure that all of the indoor ventilation systems are clean. Then, to prevent mold and algae accumulation, pour a glass of bleach diluted with water down the sewer of the outside unit and double-check to ensure no dust or dirt is piling up. 

  • Examine Your Air Conditioner’s Performance

After you’ve evaluated your home air conditioning outdoor system, it’s time to examine its performance. Turn it up to 11 and see how it goes. Check if your home gets adequate cooling and if it seems to be performing well overall. You may recognize a smell the first time you switch it on. That’s just the air conditioner’s way of clearing out any dust accumulated since the last time you ran it, and it should go away soon.

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