Why Is It Important to Winterize the Heating System?

Why Is It Important to Winterize the Heating System?

When the season shifts from summer to winter, it is time to change your HVAC system to maintain comfort. It is imperative to properly pack up the air conditioning system and winterize your heating system to ensure you do not have to pay for costly and unexpected heating repair in Garden Grove. Our experts have put together a list of information about winterizing your heating system. Keep reading for more details.

Reasons Why You Should Winterize Your Heating System

  • Reduced Wear And Tear

Your heating system will work every time the temperature drops. If your heating system works almost every hour of the day, it might lead the components to wear down quickly, and it is an invitation to different problems.

However, winterizing the system might prevent wear and tear because the furnace components are clean and well-lubricated. If you would prefer to have our heating service expert inspect your heating system, contact Stephan’s Home Comfort Services in Garden Grove, CA, to fix issues in the middle of the winter season.

  • Improved Indoor Air Quality

The indoor air quality can degrade if the heating system is dirty and there is excessive dust accumulation. The heating system also helps improve the airflow in your home, so it can filter the air and remove all the dust particles and debris.

However, if the air filter is dusty, it might work inefficiently, and the pollutant air will move into your home. That’s why our experts of furnace repair in Garden Grove recommend that it is essential to winterize your system and replace the air filter to ensure the indoor air quality index does not fall.

  • Prevent Pipe Bursting

The metal pipes installed outside your home are vulnerable to developing cracks or freezing because the metal properties change with temperature. The metal contracts when the temperature is low and expands when the temperature is high.

Our experts of heating service in Garden Grove, CA, recommend insulating the pipes to avoid pipe bursting or freezing. Apart from insulation, disconnect the pipes connected to the garden hose and sprinkler system. In extreme temperatures, shut off the water valve that directs water to the outdoor pipes.

  • Avoid Mold And Bacteria Growth

If the HVAC system is not winterized, there are chances the condensate left in the system can lead to mold and bacteria growth. Moreover, leaking pipes can cause mold to grow in your surroundings.

Mold plays a significant part in degrading indoor quality. However, you do not have to worry about mold growth and other things if you have called our heating repair expert for an inspection.

  • Warm And Cozy Indoors

Sometimes, the furnace system may break down at night, and the heating repair service expert may come the next morning to fix it. It may happen with an unmaintained heating system. However, if your furnace system is maintained, you might not have to spend an entire night without a furnace.

  • Increased Lifespan

Apart from reducing the repairs, you add a few years to the heating system’s life by scheduling maintenance services. An unmaintained system may work excessively, and the increased work pressure affects other components like the heat exchanger.

If the heating element in the heating system gets damaged, you might need to look for a furnace repair near me online to replace the entire system.

Steps To Winterize The Heating System

Here are some steps to winterize the heating system:

  • Flush out the condensate drain and remove water from the system.
  • Remove all the water trapped inside the pipe using a water pressure washer and air compressor.
  • Inspect the indoor unit for any damages and corrosion signs. If you see any corroded components, use sand to clean the rust, and paint over the clean area with paint and primer to ensure it does not rust again.
  • Ensure the drip pan is clean and properly attached in its place.
  • Check the electrical wires and connectors. Call our heating repair expert, if you find any irregularity.
  • Replace the air filter and vacuum clean the system’s interiors.
  • Check the duct system and ensure there are no massive holes or gaps in the ducts.
  • Cover the outdoor unit with a tarp to ensure the debris does not damage it.

If you are looking for a furnace installation near me online, Stephan’s Home Comfort Services is here to help you and ensure you do not have to go through the trouble. We deploy the best heating repair service to get the job done. Call (714) 894-6500 to schedule a service with us.