Why Is My Furnace Leaking Water?

Why Is My Furnace Leaking Water?

Are you wondering why your furnace is leaking water? Although this might sound weird, a furnace leaking water is a definite issue that can occur. If you notice water pooling around your system, you may require an HVAC professional’s attention right away. To enable you to understand your furnace better and know when to call your local technician, below are the different causes that lead to leaks in a furnace.

Clogged Drain

Sometimes, a furnace leaks even when it’s not used. For HVAC units where the furnace and AC share the same drain, the furnace may be leaking when the drain is plugged up and the air conditioning system is running. This occurs when the AC cannot drain properly because of the clog.

Sometimes, replacing your furnace is the only alternative. If your furnace has a faulty secondary heat exchanger utilized in high-efficiency furnaces, you must consider a replacement.

If your furnace system is leaking water and you are wondering why or if you presume the reason, it’s best to call an HVAC expert for a professional furnace repair in Garden Grove.

Broken Humidifier

Leaking might be coming from inside your furnace system, particularly the humidifier. Generally, if you get periodic maintenance, a competent technician will detect a leaking humidifier before it becomes a major problem.

A leaking humidifier can substantially damage the inside of your system and cause further troubles like damages to your floors or walls and even mold growth. The best solution to overhauling a leaking humidifier is to call your HVAC technician for a proper heating repair in Garden Grove.

Improperly Designed Vent Pipe

A regular furnace has a metal flue pipe. The objective of the metal flue pipe is to safely carry away fumes produced during the combustion procedure out of your house. If everything is functioning appropriately in your system, those gases should escape outdoors before they have time to cool down and condense into vapor.

Nevertheless, if your exhaust pipe is extremely big or has no slope, it permits too much air to disseminate and traps the fumes in the flue. Gases in the flue pipe cool, ultimately forming precipitation which can leak out of your furnace into the environment.

Ensure To Replace Your Furnace Filter

You should replace furnace filters every three months. If your furnace is leaking water, you must replace the furnace filter after the restorations are done and before you turn your furnace back on. You may notice your heating system blowing cold air or shutting on and off as an outcome.

A filthy, wet, or blocked filter will constrain airflow and put additional strain on your furnace. It’s best to begin fresh with a new and cleaned filter.

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